Writing So Good began as a labor of love. A way to share my rants about food, Would You Rather questions and my critiques of food marketing campaigns. When So Good launched in August of 2007, I had 994 unique monthly visitors , and 1,900 in September. But thanks to my readers continued support, by the end of May, 2008, So Good clocked in with 35,000 unique monthly visitors for the month, and just halfway into July, the site is already over 70,000 unique visitors for the month. Wow. Thank you to all of you who are coming back day after day, and spreading the word to your friends.

I love that people enjoy reading the blog so much, and your e-mails and notes of thanks are wonderful to receive. Unfortunately, as readership has soared, the time I’ve had to devote to the site has not. I would love to continue the site as it has been, but it’s been a strain to post frequently in the past few weeks. Readership is growing because people are recommending So Good to their friends, and as the readership grows, I’d like to offer even more content to my current and future readers. Therefore it is with some reluctance that I am putting out the call to So Good readers to become contributors.

I don’t have a specific plan in mind, and I will probably be somewhat selective about who is able to contribute…I’m only going to bring on other contributors if it feels like a perfect fit. Perhaps you are a blogger yourself who would like to get more exposure by cross-posting some of your best items on So Good while continuing your own blog? Maybe you just love to write and would enjoy submitting the occasional guest post? If you are interested in contributing you could also have a particular focus – just food reviews, just posting videos, just analyzing marketing campaigns (although I will still continue to do a lot of that).

I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for yet, but I know that I want to deliver as much content to my readers as possible. If you think you might be interested in contributing to So Good, cross posting some of your stuff from your blog here etc. etc. Then send me an e-mail: sogoodblog AT gmail dot com and suggest what you might be interested in doing. After looking over everyone’s e-mails, I’ll decide what I’m going to do in a week or so.

Thanks again to all my readers who have helped So Good grow so quickly.

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