I wanted to give an update from my post soliciting contributors for So Good. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response, as already 14 people have expressed interest.  This has forced me to revise my thinking a little bit – I wasn’t expecting that many people.  Right now I’m trying to decide how many people I can reasonably accommodate, and if I want them as “general contributors” or kept in a once-a-week type submission format.

Needless to say, I most certainly will not be able to have everyone who expressed interest in doing so write for So Good – not even close in fact. The vast majority of you who expressed interest in contributing will not be able to do so – for that I apologize.  However,  I’m also delighted to see that so many of my readers would also like to be apart of So Good’s growth.

If you are still interested in contributing but haven’t contacted me yet, please do so at sogoodblog AT gmail dot com.  I will decide by the end of the week who will become So Good’s future contributors, and I will let everyone who e-mailed me know of my decision.  I will also make announcements on the blog in the near future, as a I begin setting the schedule  etc. moving forward.

Thanks everyone,


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