When did it become impossible to eat Starburst without total strangers feeling the need to inform you that yes, pink is the best color?

This is a true story – about two summers ago, I was walking through Dupont Circle, pack of Starburst in hand, opening and eating them as I walk. When out of nowhere, some guy on the bench I was walking by says, and I quote, “Dude…eating Starburst huh? FYI, pink…..TOTALLY the best flavor.”

Uh what?

First off, who are you? Second, why are you speaking to me? Do you really think at the age of 25 I’m buying Starburst for the first time in my life? Or that I have no clue what the best color is? Even if I HAD just bought them for the first time ever, do I look like the kind of person that is incapable of discerning flavors and using my taste buds to determine which one tastes the best?

This also raises a much larger, and more troubling concern. Are there really people who think that the issue of the best tasting Starburst color is still up for debate? Do they not realize that this issue has been 100% settled for the past 20 years? I don’t know about your social circle, but mine pretty much reached the consensus that pink was the best flavor when I was oh, I don’t know, NINE YEARS OLD.

And please, spare me the “I actually like red the best” nonsense I hear from time to time. If that’s true, you are probably a communist. Red Starburst tastes like every other fake cherry candy on the market and pales in comparison to the brilliant flavor explosion that is the pink Starburst (no need to get into yellow, which everyone seems to agree tastes like kitchen floor cleaner).

So in conclusion, if you are a stranger on a park bench, don’t comment on my Starburst eating.

If you are an average American just reading this blog post, please, don’t pretend that there is some sort of open debate about which flavor is the best, because there isn’t. It’s been settled. I know, because I was there: June, 1989, when the world united to agree that pink was the best flavor.

(Photo of Starburst via Candy Craze)

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  1. Youppi

    The way that quote read totally reminded me of someone… Is it possible that the guy sitting on the bench that day was… Jon Eick!? (or some sort of Eick Doppelgänger)

    “Dude…eating Starburst huh? FYI, pink…..TOTALLY the best flavor.”

    “Dude…are you me? FYI, strangers…..TOTALLY shouldn’t talk to them.”

  2. Eick

    Yeah that’s what made it even weirder, is the dude said “TOTALLY” similar to the way I say it. Also, who says “FYI” in verbal conversation?

  3. Ashley

    What about orange! Those are my favs. And red’s not so bad either. I’m really not a pan of pink.

    • Adrienne

      You can have all my orange..Thats the flavor I loathe finding in those small packs with only two starburst in it. Guess what I find them the most out of any flavor..yuck

  4. Gstaff

    Umm, it’s still Red…doesn’t matter if it’s fake cherry flavored or not, it’s still the best.

    We need to get one of those burgers from Outback.

  5. Megs

    Seriously, pink is the best. But yellow is a close second. And yeah FHL, what’s with the difficult wrapping? It discourages me from buying them.

  6. James

    Orange, definitely. Followed by red (yes, I like those artificial cherry flavors … especially in Slurpees … I wish fracking 7-11 would knock it off with those blended Mocha-Mango-Mayo Super Extreme-X Slurpees and go back to cherry, grape, and Coke).

  7. Kendel

    Weird…. Pink is my least favourite. “Flavor explosion” isn’t a good thing when the one doesn’t like the flavor in the first place.

  8. Amber

    Pink is not a flavour.

    But I digress, it’s definitely the best one 😛
    Cherry comes second, because you can NOT find any cherry flavoured candy in Australia.

  9. kaz

    Yesh i agreesh wifsh you. red is so terrible alwaysh it alwaysh tastes like medishin. i dont like medishin.

  10. Robbie

    Pink is not the best, i have as a matter of fact given away 99% of all pink starbursts in every pack for the last 25 years.

    I have to be desperate to eat the pink ones.

  11. Eick

    And the reason you are able to give away pink is because everyone likes them. Good luck trying to give away a yellow.

  12. Rick

    Can’t we all get along? They are all good. Just depends on my mood. Yellow isn’t better then orange but if the only color was pink, what would be so special about it? Equality for all starbursts!

  13. Danielle

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone tasted kitchen floor cleaner? Odds are no. If that is the case how would you know the yellow tastes like floor cleaner unless you’ve personally tasted floor cleaner…
    Just sayin

  14. BIOHazard87

    I agree, Pink is definitely far superior, Yellow #2, Red #3, and Orange #4.

  15. Susy

    When they are saying pink they mean the strawberry flavor which is pink. So yes they know pink is not a flavor but it is a color of a flavor thats awesome! just my opinion.

  16. Nicole

    I have to say I find the Orange the worst. Don’t get me wrong orange is good, but I agree that Pink is the best! There should be no debate on the subject it is a fact of life, and if you were to walk up to a lot of random people on the street and take a pole on what each person’s favorite Starburst flavor is it would definitely be pink!

  17. password

    the best is allbut if i had to chose it would b pink no offense to all those color haters just sayen swish

  18. Vi

    I’ve always felt like the yellow ones were the best.. but then it might’ve been because yellow has always been my favorite color. Pink would come in second and then orange.

  19. Nicole

    I disagree! Red followed by Yellow followed by Pink. Orange is the flavor that should be replaced.

  20. Mike

    Sheesh, is there anything people won’t argue about. That being said lemon taste like floor cleaner smells okay. Pink, definately the best.

  21. tom

    did it occur to you that he may have wanted some and was hoping you were one of those weird people who like yellow and orange?

  22. frank

    I always pretend pink is Guava. Sometimes, I pretend yellow is passion fruit, and orange is orange juice and mix pink, orange, and yellow together to make POG which makes me very happy.

  23. Yasmine

    There are no pink starbursts in the UK pack.
    Like what the hell, why why would you remove pink and replace it with purple!


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