All day I’ve been receiving reports from my readers about the ongoing Papa John’s $.23 pizza promotion in the Cleveland area. Many are expressing frustration with busy phones and extremely long lines. Newsnet5 reports that the stores will close early if they run out of supplies. They also write:

Some customers are waiting as long as 2 ½ hours for the cheap pizza. At the University Heights Papa John’s, the wait is up to five hours.

Who has time to wait that long for pizza? This video posted about 30 minutes ago seems to confirm the lines. The video also shows that Papa John’s, at least at this specific location, is limiting peoples topping choices to either pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms or extra cheese. WTF Papa John’s? You’re sorry for your mistake, but not sorry enough to hook me up with some pinneapple?

Damn those lines are long! Not that I’m surprised, obviously people love cheap pizza. Two quick thoughts:

1. I’ll bet you every single employee working at a Cleveland area Papa John’s is just absolutely HATING life right now.

2. The homeless population in Cleveland must be having a field day going from location to location.

I’ll be curious to see more media reports tomorrow on how the promotion went.

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  1. Ellie

    Haha, I know, you wouldn’t believe the lines! I was thinking the same things and was wondering why it was the people in Washington that are idiots but the workers of Papa Johns in Cleveland and the area surrounding it are the ones who have to suffer.


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