The segment from WJW Fox 8 about the “Crybaby” t-shirt incident has been posted online. It provides a good overview of the whole story. It features some coverage of So Good breaking the story, and they used two segements from my phone interview with them. Unlike the story I was cited in by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, this segment came out after Papa John’s had issued an apology, which allowed them to cover even more details of the story. The segment from Fox 8 can be viewed below:

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  1. Garnold

    eick, your voice came through smooth as silk on that broadcast. this is completely ridiculous. oh yeah, congrats!

  2. shatraw

    if i’m a network for the food channel, i’m already weighing the possibilities of turning so good into a TV show.

    just think, eick, you could finally meet rachel ray. and maybe have a line of cookware for dudes named after you.

  3. shatraw

    if i’m a network for the food channel?


    if i’m an EXEC for the FOOD NETWORK.


  4. jdeuel

    I think the state of ohio is the real crybaby:

    waaaa, t shirts, waaaa. seriously.

  5. Eick

    Thanks Hillary. Well, I do love both boobs and food (in that order), so your assumption is pretty much spot on.

  6. Doug

    Yeah, congrats Eick. You have to get a crybaby t-shirt and wear it in the local Papa John’s. They’ll LOVE you.
    Don’t I get any Kudos for getting my completely censored comment put in the news story too? I’m a celebrity!

    Shatraw, if you were a food channel network, I’d watch you for a little while if there was nothing else.

  7. tim

    i was too disheartened by the results of the game, after sitting in literally the last row on the hill, to think much about who made the shirts, but i was definitely confused during the game.

    papa john’s has been sponsoring wizard’s games at the phone booth for a number of seasons, giving away free pizzas for half court shots and such, but this was a huge blunder for a national chain.

  8. Ashley

    Eick, that is great. You sound so professional. Glad everything is going so well for you!!

  9. Justin

    “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Better hire a new marketing executive.”

    I hate papa john’s pizza–nice one, Eick.


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