As we begin the joys of yet another season of America’s pastime, I couldn’t help but notice some baseball related “news” that involved both my favorite soda (Dr. Pepper) and my favorite phrase (“So Good”)…which also happens to the name of this blog. ESPN baseball blogger Buster Olney, in a new blog post this morning, leads off with this statement:

Conor Jackson, first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks, loves Dr Pepper. “So good,” he mused over the phone the other day.

He drank four or five a day, relishing the drinks many flavors. And during the offseason, he cut Dr. Pepper from his diet. He had always trained hard, took his preparation seriously, but this time around, he got really serious, improving his diet by drinking less soda.

conor-jackson.jpg dr-pepper.gif

So Good indeed. Conor Jackson LOVES Dr. Pepper. Yeah he does. He loves it. Best wishes on a good season Conor. When you roll in to town to play the Nationals, I’ll be sure to hold up cans of Dr. Pepper to taunt you with!

(H/T to Slanch Report) (Photo of Jackson from Arizona Central)

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  1. slanch

    Other interesting dietary habits of the Diamondbacks, Chris Young only eats red foods, Eric Byrnes only eats food prepared with THC oil and Dan Haren only eats hair-pies

  2. Jeff Radt (JRed)

    Maybe he should go back to the Dr. Pepper diet after this news!

    The Arizona Republic reports that Conor Jackson, who left Wednesday’s game at Cincinnati in the fifth inning to go the hospital, had chest X-rays taken and was given antibiotics.

    He had difficulty breathing after chasing a foul ball. “I’m fine,” he said. “I think it’s just a virus. It’s just unfortunate. . . . It’s definitely not the start I wanted to get off to.”

    No word on whether or not he’s currently hooked up to a Dr. Pepper IV drip.


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