This past Friday, around noon, a package arrived for me from Kraft Foods. Much to my delight it was two boxes, one plain, one cinnamon, of Kraft’s new Bagel-fuls. It was time for a taste test. Along with a handful of lovely female assistants, including Serious Eats blogger (and photographer for this taste test) Erin Zimmer, I got to work heating up the eight Bagel-fuls that had been sent my way.

I provided my readers with a sneak peek at the Bagel-ful packaging in my last post, but wanted to give you all a look at the cinnamon version, which is billed as, “Cinnamon & Brown Sugar bagels filled with cinnamon cream cheese.”

“Raisins anyone? Oh wait, no raisins, I’m just a cinnamon bagel. Weird”

So what about our thoughts on the product?

The flavor of the plain bagel was surprisingly decent. While it doesn’t compare to a fresh bagel, it has the texture of a decent to above-average frozen or off-the-shelf bagel. The biggest flaw seems to be the cream cheese. For starters, there was not as much cream cheese filling as I would like. The cream cheese does, in fact, maintain its cool temperature even after being toasted, but its texture is not as creamy as I would like it to be, it was more mushy/crumbly like some sort of blue cheese/cottage cheese hybrid.

“If you look really closely, you might see a small cluster of cream cheese inside me. Also, aren’t these leaves a festive touch?”

Both Erin and I agreed that the plain was a little better than we expected, but the cinnamon wasn’t anything special.

We decided it would also be important to heat up the Bagel-fuls with various heating methods: regular toaster, toaster oven, microwave and also eat one cold from the refrigerator. As far as heating method goes, my first piece of advice is make sure these get very well cooked. If they are undercooked, they will taste chewy and gross, and won’t have a good crust. Erin and I found that the Bagel-fuls were best when cooked in a regular toaster and pretty good (although not perfectly cooked) in a toaster oven. The microwave version was a little too plastic, and when Bagel-fuls are eaten cold, the taste of preservatives is more noticeable.

Here are a few comments from some of my co-workers who tried the Bagel-fuls:

“Tastes good, not like a normal, fresh bagel…but it doesn’t taste old or gross”

“The cream cheese wasn’t as rich and creamy as fresh phili cream cheese”

“They were actually tastier than I expected (I was expecting a chemically taste and for the filling to be void of flavor)”

“Simple/Quick alternative, less bread/carbs than a regular-sized bagel”

“Cream cheese had somewhat of a cottage cheesy like texture but I enjoyed the cinnamon flavor”

“They look like corn dogs for vegetarians”

“After taste of cinnamon is equivalent to a bad tic tac”

Thanks to Erin Zimmer for her photography, heating & reviewing assistance, and thanks to Kraft Foods for providing me with these samples.

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  1. Nora

    I stand by my original assessment: stoner food, and only stoner food.

    Also, a HANDFUL of female assistants? I think YOU are the handful.

  2. lemmonex

    Do you have to have a toaster with wide slots to fit the bagel in there? I am imagining myself cramming the bagel in my toaster, and then being unable to get it out…then setting the house on fire and having to tell the firemen I am too damn lazy to spread cream cheese on a bagel.

  3. shatraw

    eick, was getting free bagel-fuls worth doing kraft’s dirty work with the free plugging?


    and more importantly…


  4. Theresa

    Call me a purist, but your review notwithstanding, I would have to be starving to even try one of these. To say they sound gross is an understatement. If I’m going to eat a bagel, I want it to be fresh, untoasted and with a schmear of REAL cream cheese, not some nasty crumbly shiat.

  5. Nostical

    I tried them prepared all three ways and I was amazed a t how good they were. Contrary to the taste test by Jon, the cream cheese was smooth. They tasted awesome and will be great on the go.
    More importantly, my kids loved them and wanted to know where they were when we ran out. I can’t wait to be able to get them locally.

  6. momoftwo

    I love these they aren’t very good in the toaster, but they are excellent in the microwave for 30 seconds.

  7. Anna

    I really like the Chive flavor from the toaster. These are a nice alternative and fairly healthy too with only 200 calories and 5 grams of fat these are just right for breakfast.

  8. FRAN


  9. Theresa

    What is wrong with you people. These are great! Ate mine up (which I bought and didn’t get for free) in a few days……kind of dangerous really. I got the plain, which was the only one available at the store. Can’t wait to try the others. The dough is fresh and tastes good, the cream cheese is good, could be a little more and I heated mine up for 15 secs in the microwave. Good job Kraft! If you want to eat an unhealthy fattening bagel with your own gobs of cream cheese, compare the calories and this is a better choice and on the go.

  10. Sapphrina

    I came, I tried, I LOVE it!! They are very tasty and I can’t wait to try the other flavors as I only tried the original. Only thing is, I heated mine up for 30 seconds instead of 15 so that they are not cold in the middle at all. I know, if I had used a real bagel, toasted it and then spread the cream cheese on it, the cheese would have been cold…but I liked it all heated up and then waited about 1-2 minutes to let it cool abit and wham! it was great!!!

  11. Jessica

    These were kinda nasty, reminded me of a rubber band with goo coming out. On my cinnamon flavored ones they were so dark in color that they looked burned!!!

  12. izzybella

    I let mine thaw and then cooked them for 12 seconds in the microwave. The cream cheese was really smooth and it tasted really good. Maybe the key is letting them thaw first and then heating them.

  13. melanie

    these are DELICIOUS! i keep them in the fridge and put them through 2 short cycles in my toaster (turning over between the 2 cycles). i tried the strawberry and it was gross. didn’t care much for the plain ones, either- but the cinnamon ones are absolutely delicious. i eat one pretty much every morning.

  14. HR

    Have tried the original and love them! I keep them in the fridge and then put them in the microwave for about 10 or 15 seconds and they’re great. Nice neat snack. Will try the cinnamon next.

  15. Mark P

    Really Kraft?

    Are we soooooooooo lazy that we can’t even handle buying bagels and cream cheese seperatly? Then putting the two together once you want the two?

  16. ann

    The original are pretty good actually. They have a lot of cream cheese in them. I feel bad for liking them, but they aren’t bad. Around here we can’t get good bagels anyway (they are more bread then bagel) , so I usually eat frozen because at least they are chewy so I can’t notice much of a difference. If you had truly great bagels I could see how you wouldn’t like these. I also had no problem with the cream cheese inside. Not chalky at all.

  17. Susan

    Try this with the plain ones. Buy the Eckrich plain or cheese little smoky links–the long ones–heat the bagel-ful for 10 secs. in the micro. Use a butter knife to “open” the bagel-ful and stuff the smoky link inside. Then heat for a few min in the toaster oven. Worth the time and effort!!

  18. shirley

    I tried the original Bagelfuls today and I am hooked. I had it for breakfast with half a grapefruit and I was satisfied. The bagel itself is very fresh and authentic tasting and the cream cheese is perfect consistency. I don’t ever want to run out of these. Thanks Kraft.

  19. Flo

    My sister Shirley sent me an email right after tasting her first Bagelfuls. You’d of thought they had just reinvented sliced bread or something, she was so overjoyed. Shirley’s a very fussy eater, and she’s a wonderful cook, so if she says they’re good, then they’re good! I haven’t tried them yet myself, but if sister Shirley likes ’em, then i do too!

  20. Adams

    Kraft Bagel-fuls are great for kids! My kids love them and they are easy to prepare. I suggest you thaw and then toast.

  21. Raymond

    I was suprised. When i saw them on the cover i thought ew gross. They looked like corn dog bread. Then i actually tried it and it was very good

  22. Garry

    I haven’t tried your product. I think it will probably be good. However, I usually have trouble supporting companies that don’t proof read commercials before airing them.
    Case in point: Your commercial with the two women in the elevator and one has a ferret in a pouch. The other one asks ‘do you bring it to work. That is an elementary error in grammar.
    The proper term would be ‘do you take it to work. At least the second woman with the bagel-ful and the ferret replies using correct grammar.
    We are supposed to learn the difference between Bring and Take in Grade 5. Someone let that slip through without correcting the fourth grade grammar of the woman in the elevator

  23. Theresa C

    I have tried these and they are GREAT! It is creamy cream cheese and the bagel is soft and tasty. Try it before you dog it. You will be glad you did. They ladies in my office also love them. I can only find strawberry, apple and cinnamon in my neighborhoo.

  24. Denise

    Really love the bagelfuls product. Why don’t I see the sourcream and chive ones anymore? I like them alot.

  25. Doodle Do

    YUK!!!! Felt like a small bite kept growing inside my mouth sorta like gooie goo tried the Blueberry straight from frig then microwaved one….and my opinion is still YUK!!! what a waste of money. Won’t make the mistake again. I like bagels toasted but okay this thing far from that.

  26. Michelle

    Thanks for listening
    Fed up mother

  27. T

    I think that ALL Crap Foods..ohh I mean Kraft Foods SUCK. Additives , cancer linking causes..All Garbage . Cook and eat for yourself.
    Healthy FRESH veggies and Organic foods….If you’re in a rush. Grow you’re own. If you want to know how to eat NORMALLY.. ASK ME ..I am a Chef

  28. A

    I absolutely LOVE Bagelfuls. I prefer the strawberry cream cheese variety. Mmmmmm… I like them out of the microwave. A good bagel is supposed to be chewy!

    “Case in point: Your commercial with the two women in the elevator and one has a ferret in a pouch. The other one asks ‘do you bring it to work. That is an elementary error in grammar.”

    Not if they are AT work. They may be in the elevator going to their floor(s) and if so, then the ferret is already at work therefore she does bring it. That does mean it’s a stupid question seeing as how the answer is in the pouch staring her in the face, but not grammatically incorrect. If the ferret lady was locking her front door or at a gas station on her way to work then yes, the correct word would be take.

    Seems you are one to talk not using the correct punctuation and all.

  29. Jerry

    My spouse and I tried the Strawberry Bagel-fuls and I’m sorry, but this product is pure garbage. We also have the product at our retail store and it’s just not selling. This product will not last one year from launch date. Come on Kraft Foods, you can do better than this!

  30. Jerry

    I should have also added that the Strawberry Bagel-ful got a taste just like chewing strawberry bubblegum. Gross!

  31. Lisa

    I love these, I am so disappointed. All the stores have stopped selling these. I was going to order on line but it would be $20 shipping. My grandaughter and I had a wonderful Sat. morning with these.

  32. Pattie huson

    I only love the one with cinnamom one. They are great But I have a problem finding them. Walmart quit carrying them and I buy all the one at all Ginat Stores. Plus I need to find some coupons too. HELP

  33. Valerie crawford

    LEASE PLEASE tell me where I can find bagelfuls! They are the answer to a busy womans lifestyle. I love these things and I often eat them in the car on the way to work. They are quick and not as messy as a regular bagel would be while driving. I used to get them at Walmart and they stopped carrying them so I started going to Price Cutter and now they don’t have them either.

  34. Marilyn

    It’s important to toast the Bagel-ful. The crispness is satisfying and the cheese the right consistency.
    They are perfect for breakfast meetings and can be sliced for small bites. All comments were good!
    Does any store still carry them in Florida?


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