As some of you may have noticed, Coke now has new screw-off caps on their plastic soda bottles. That look like this:

The caps are slightly shorter than the old ones:



A quick scouring of the internet shows not everyone is pleased with the redesign. Here are a few of the comments I came across:

“Is it just me, or do the new caps on Coke bottles suck? They’re more shallow, and as such become harder to grip when the bottle or your hands are even slightly moist. They have, like, zero traction.”

“The cap is smaller and you can’t get a really good grip on it and it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like they tried to replicate the classic coke cap on the glass bottles. Either way, I hate it.”

“The surface area is half as big, so you don’t have as much to grab hold of in the first place, and plus it’s SMOOTH, which is a pretty stupid concept for use on a twist-off cap.”

But not everyone is a hater. One person points out the positive environmental impact of the new caps:

“It’s supposed to save money, and use less plastic (cap and new bottle design). I approve of it even though it sucks, it saves 1 million pounds of unrefined oil a year from being turned into plastic.”

So what do people think? Has anyone noticed the new caps? If so, do you like them or hate them or not care either way?

Pictures and quotes thanks to SoulPosition, paulsouthworth.

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  1. Joe

    These and the caps should be sent to Coke and the idiot that designed it…I’m sure we all growl when we have to open one…you don’t have to be a genius to know that a smaller tapered cap with less ridges doesn’t work, it’s obvious. Also, give me a break about the environmental impact.

  2. Mario

    Wow, I thought it was just me. I just opened a Sprite and I thought to myself, “I really don’t like these caps.”

    I’m 25 but I have really bad cramps in my hands which I think may be carpal tunnel which makes it a pain, literally, to open these bottles. What’s also wierd is that I could never figure out where I was getting random cuts on my finger from until now. After examining the way I grip the bottle to open it, my cuts are always in the same spot. Mystery solved.

    Coke had better be careful. Like someone else said, this is a potential law suit if they don’t fix it. At the least, adding the old ridges may help some.

  3. Vickie

    I hate the new caps. TOO SMALL. Not easy to get on and off. As for my 75 year old Mother, she has a cap opener that fit the old style but with the new caps, she can not use the opener or purchase one that will fit the new caps. I told her she is going to have to buy pepsi instead. She did not like that but she does not have a choice. Please go back to the old caps!!!

  4. Terry

    I’m a 32 year old male. I’m in good shape. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 195 lbs. I play hockey and lift weights. I could not open the damn cap on my Diet Coke! I don’t have arthritis, and I can shoot a 80 lb compound bow. These things are ridiculous!!!

    I’m buying Diet Mountain Dew from now on. Screw Coke. Freakin’ environmentalists screwing things up for everyone….

  5. David

    I hate the little things. I started to think I liked the new design, but after cutting my fingers three times in the last two days on them, Pepsi is looking better by the minute.

  6. Ann

    I hate the new caps, It is very hard for me to open, I have arthiritis in my hands,it would be hard even if I didn’t have arthiritis. I think pepesi is starting to sound better every day.How do we let coke no of the problems we are having?

  7. Carolyn Vidrine

    The new caps are much harder to get on and off. They do not seem to find the track on the bottle very easily. It makes it much more difficult to be driving and put the cap back on. Isn’t there another way to cut production cost and disposal waste? I like going green but I want safety too. Keep modifying!

  8. Julie

    Ironically, I passed a Coke truck with an ad on the back that read, “New… Easy Open Caps!” It didn’t convince me.

  9. Adam

    good grief. Get over it, people.

    Coke can use whatever kind of cap they want to use. If this one saves em some money and leaves a smaller carbon footprint, more power to them.

    For what it’s worth, I actually LIKE the new cap.

  10. Georgianne

    We’ve been complaining about the caps right from the start. I thought I must be developing arthritis because I could not get the bottle open, my husband tried and he couldn’t either. I prefer coke & sprite as my soda of choice, can’t stand pepsi. But, this has to stop. With all the other hassles in life, why does it have to be so hard to drink a soda. I too have received cuts from this cap and am real close to changing brands after 25 years of being a coke drinker. WAKE UP COCA-COLA, we love your product so make it accessible to open the bottles. For those who think this is a silly complaint, they obviously haven’t tried to open a bottle of coke or sprite. I thought there was something wrong with me, not so, after reading all the same complaints. WAKE UP COKE! We are your consumers, listen to us.

  11. Joe

    There is NO way coke did this for the environment or to save the consumer any money.Some people will believe anything these greedy corporations say. Any savings went into someone’s pocket. It does not matter what size the cap is, the problem is the missing ridges. Has to be less expensive to mfgr. The idiots who thought of this, ok’d it, and continue letting it go forward are typical of the incompetence and thoughtlessness that permeates corporations today. I just heard a report that coke product are down, well duh!

  12. Mark

    I am a little older now and don’t have the grip I used to. I can not and will not buy anymore Coke products. I also own several vending machines that I will probably pull Coke products out of as well. all of my customers are complaining to me when I go back to fill them up like there is anything I can do.

  13. Gertraud

    I found an other website today about the Coke Bottle Products and that website said the same thing what I’m reading here. For the longest time I been wondering why I had cuts on my fingers and on balm of my hand, the other day I fixed something to eat and as well poured my self a coke product to have with my food and while I was licking the food of my fingers I tasted blood in my mouth so I looked at my fingers and I noticed two deep cuts on my fingers and hands, but couldn’t figuer out how they got there. So here again fixed something again to eat and poured myself a coke from a brand new bottle of coke and I was feeling this pain on my hand and I looked and saw where the cap of the coke bottle has peeled the skin of my hand and made it bleed. So now I know that the mysteriouse cuts are coming from does Damm Coke Bottle Caps. I wonder what it will take for them to get rid of horrible bottle caps. I guess somebody fingers or hands need to be so badly cut up or even worst damage and scar the little hands of children, before does money hungery #@$!&*$ gonna make does bottle save again. If somebody knows how to contact the coca cola company please let me know so that I can give them a piece of my mind about they new bottle caps. It’s always the little men who has the pay the price of greedy slime pricks. If they are not going to change this proplem I’m done buying coke products.

  14. Jerod McCarthy

    I always twist my caps back on nice and tight. One of the first times and tried to untwist my new coke cap, damn thing sliced my left index finger wide open with blood quickly surfacing. It took a week or so to heal. I kept that cap and now use it to slice plastic packages open and other things that I would typically use a knife or scissors for!

  15. Hector

    38% less volume in the cap resulting in 40 million pounds of plastic not making it into landfills in the US alone… that’s the bottom line (and some savings as well of course…)

  16. Andrea

    I absolutely HATE the new coke bottle. The cap is awful and very hard to open. Just think if someone has carpal tunnel or arthritis! They will never get the cap off.
    My next complaint is that it doesn’t fit in my fridge. I absolutely refuse to move my beverage shelf down another 1-2 inches and lose valuable space in my fridge because of them. It just barely fits in the fridge door, but I had to rearrange my fridge just for Coke.
    I tried to complain to coke – but I have yet to find any information on where to send a complaint via email.
    I like coke, better than pepsi, but I think I just switched brands. What’s good about Pepsi is that they have Throwback and it has NO high fructose corn syrup and normal bottles!

  17. Sandra

    I also hate the new bottle caps. They are very hard to open and often the fizz has leaked out of the bottles before they are opened and a flat coke tastes terrible!!

    I have also noticed some bottles leak before they have been opened for the first time and make a mess.

    Please go back to the original design or I may have to start buying Pepsi.

  18. Will

    I tried to find an explanation on the Coke site about the caps-there is none. I could not find an e mail address to send in a complaint either. We should not need pliers to open a soda bottle! Man, I really miss the old 16 oz. glass bottles.

  19. Eric

    It’s all about screwing them back on for me. With the old caps, I lined up the threads without trying. Maybe every 1 in 100 times would I have to try again. With these new ones, I’m only 50-50%. I thought I was just lame. I may still be, but I’m glad I’m not lame AND alone.

    As far as the cuts, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Man up! Able-bodied adults having your friends help you open a plastic bottle?! Forshame.

  20. Mia

    I have struggled with my daily diet coke addiction for over 20 yrs now….
    I have tried to scale it down with no success many times…
    The new bottle cap did what common sense and willpower was unable to do, in less then one week.
    I quit drinking diet-coke entirely.
    The cap is way too small to grab on to, and do we need more hassles in the daily life? Or carry power tools for this reason?
    And for those who say this is great for the Green Earth, saving on plastics…should go after the over counter drug makers, who put 1/2 inch worth of aspirin in a 4 inch tall plastic bottle just to occupy a more prominent shelf space…
    Thank you Coca Cola….you just made many of us much healthier!

  21. Alex

    I’ve never actually cut my hands on the new bottle caps, but I still hate them. They really are much harder to open.

    And to those people saying it was done for the environment, give me a break. This was done to save probably less than $0.0001 per bottle. It’s simply a (very petty) cost-cutting measure. If they were really concerned about the environment, they would switch back to glass bottles instead of using plastic.

    And I actually have been buying more Pepsi lately to avoid the new bottle caps.

  22. Dan

    The coke caps suck because it’s too had to remove them…no grip. I’m near retirement and have cut my fingers trying to remove the d#@% thing. What’s up with this changing in the good old USA but not in other countries. Just returned for Australia and they still had the old style caps??? I thinks I’ll change brands to a brand that has a decent cap on it.

  23. jen

    I emailed coke, and so can you @ [email protected]. I got a response and a case has been opened for me. Granted, they said my complaint was “unusual” as many of you have been told. I did tell them that I would be switching to Pepsi until changes have been made. I can go either way, so switching isn’t a big deal for me. I would really be interested to hear how many people will actually send a quick complaint to Coke regarding this issue (and how much business they have lost).

  24. Joe

    How much do I hate Coke’s new cap? Well, enough to google “Diet Coke bottle hard to open” after struggling to open one! What a bonehead design…who was the genius to design a cap with absolutely no grip whatsoever?

  25. Terri

    Hate them. I have arthritis in my hand and I can not even open them at all — have to use a bottle opener!!

  26. Rob

    also had a bottle cap cut my girlfriend then myself. She told me the bottle cut her finger and cap was on too tight for her to get it off. I didnt believe that she cut her hand on the bottle cap. Then i tried, it gave me a 1.5 inch cut that about .25inch deep real bad cut!!Cap was very tight and edges are sharp. Called the company they seemed vaery concerned. They even said someone was going to come get the bottle to inspect it. We will see!!!

  27. dude of life

    wow. am i the only one who loves the new caps? I prefer them because the old ones were like an emory board on my fingers. just personal preference i guess. 🙂

  28. robert

    The new caps are not only hard to open but they are very dangerous. Ive cut the palm of my hand open two times already.Once on a 20 ounce and once on a 2 liter. The cuts were deep enough to bring blood.

    This hoopla about them using less plastic and being better for the enviroment is pure nonsense. Think of the resources it took to redesign the caps and update the machinery that make the caps.

  29. Jesse

    Every time I try to open a 20 ounce bottle, it slices my pointer finger! My manicurist asked me the other day what I did to my finger. I said it was from a Coke bottle but I think she thought I was joking.

  30. Nikki

    I HATE THEM!! And I think they are part of the problem with the newly designed two liter bottles. They are RIDICULOUSLY HARD TO OPEN!! I need a pair of PLIERS to get the stupid cap off!

  31. Fenrir

    They SUCK!! The grip is far worse than the old caps, they feel harder and more difficult to open.

    Sure they look kinda cool, but the old caps are still better.
    Coke should seriously do some focus testing before doing these kinds of things.

    And I don’t think they did it to save on plastic, if anything having two kinds of shapes in the cap probably costs more, the plastic isn’t the expensive part, it’s the maintenance of the machines that cut it that cost money.

  32. Mike

    Totally stupid move. I cannot believe it was done without the foresight that a half-butt consumer satisfaction survey would have provided. If a beta test was run, the prototype must have been substantially different. I have cut my fingers and sliced off thick layers of skin TOO many times – I refuse to buy Coke products now. Take a cap off, leaving the tamper ring attached to the bottle. You can slice your way through a phone book with it. Total Butthead Stupidity. Unbelievable! What’s most unbelievable is that there was no positive benefit – nothing desirable – in the design change. The bottle shape maybe yeah. But the cap? Were they trying to make it look like a metal bottle cap or what?

  33. Mike

    I will say this much: They cannot be used with Fizz Giz plugs very well. I’ve had people send them to me to install Fizz Giz plugs in. As a favor, in the interest of customer service, I did it. But I will NEVER buy a box of them and use them for manufacturing Fizz Giz caps.

  34. Mike

    Posting threads from Coca Cola Corporate eMail. They are being responsive to mail sent to the address specified by jen // Sep 25, 2009 at 11:53 am (above post #79)…

    from Mike Spike`
    to Coca-Cola Support
    date Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 6:36 PM
    subject Re: Your new caps stink.

    hide details 6:36 PM (0 minutes ago)

    Actually, Jeffrey, that’s too much. I’m uninterested in opening a case & endulging in follow-up dialogs, etc. I said what I had to say. I’m not mad. I’m not upset. I’m just not buying. And if someone offers me a Coke product, I’ll make sure to use gloves or pliers. Hey, I enjoy Coca Cola bottled products. I just don’t enjoy them enough to hassel with the caps. So good luck. You really should fire the entire development team though.

    Kind regards.
    – Hide quoted text –

    On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 5:57 PM, Coca-Cola Support wrote:

    Thank you for contacting The Coca-Cola Company, Mr. Spike. We appreciate your taking the time to make us aware of your experience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    We are very interested in this unusual situation and would like to obtain additional information, so we can provide a complete report to the appropriate management. We would like to request the following:

    • Your address, and daytime telephone number;
    • The name of the product you purchased as it appears on the label (Coca-Cola classic, Diet Coke, Sprite, etc.);
    • The date you purchased the product, description of the issue you are experiencing with the closure and the date the incident occurred;
    • Whether or not you still have the bottle;
    • The name, street address, and city of the store where you purchased the product;
    • The number of ounces contained in the bottle and the type of packaging (for example, 20-oz. plastic bottle) and the multi-pack size (6-pack or 12-pack Fridge Pack);
    • The number of bottles affected;
    • The complete date code (similar to NOV2710XPE12:13CT225) located near the neck of the bottle.

    Please feel free to reply directly to this message with the information and you should expect a response soon. We do ask that you hold on to the packaging until you hear from our representative.

    Please include the following reference number in the subject line: 1-1119443022.

    We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hearing from you again.

    Industry and Consumer Affairs
    The Coca-Cola Company


    —–Original Message—–

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: 4/12/2010 09:27:07 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Your new caps stink.

    Some person in your company deserves a pink slip.
    I’m sorry. What a blunder.

    c’mon. Who’s in charge there?


  35. Bob

    Coke is not “saving the environment” with these new caps. That’s just their ridiculous marketing line. It’s cost-cutting pure and simple folks. Ditto the thinner plastic bottles that collapse between your fingers as you pour. I’ve already switched to Pepsi..

  36. Carl

    They dont have blue bands in them any more……. they were soo much fun 2 make bands out of

  37. Dee

    Where do I start the barrage of hate spewed curse words at the most stupidest soda cap design of the 21st century? What moron designed these caps?

    Every time I try to open the @#[email protected]% bottle, my hand gets callused and torn and cut with my flesh ripping open and bleeding. I need to get a wrench to open the fricking bottle sometimes.

    The only good thing about this cap of death is the fact that my hyper, soda guzzling 10 year old daughter can’t get the bottle open and gives up and drinks a glass of water instead.

    If I wasn’t such a Coca Cola junkie, I would have given up buying it since the new design ruined any chances of drinking it without the need for power tools.

    In the near future I will probably need surgery on my hand for carpel tunnel syndrome. Coke better pay for it, lol!

  38. justin tanner

    the new cap cut my finger bad enough to make it bleed not a big deal to me.. I LOVE COKES


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