As some of you may have noticed, Coke now has new screw-off caps on their plastic soda bottles. That look like this:

The caps are slightly shorter than the old ones:



A quick scouring of the internet shows not everyone is pleased with the redesign. Here are a few of the comments I came across:

“Is it just me, or do the new caps on Coke bottles suck? They’re more shallow, and as such become harder to grip when the bottle or your hands are even slightly moist. They have, like, zero traction.”

“The cap is smaller and you can’t get a really good grip on it and it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like they tried to replicate the classic coke cap on the glass bottles. Either way, I hate it.”

“The surface area is half as big, so you don’t have as much to grab hold of in the first place, and plus it’s SMOOTH, which is a pretty stupid concept for use on a twist-off cap.”

But not everyone is a hater. One person points out the positive environmental impact of the new caps:

“It’s supposed to save money, and use less plastic (cap and new bottle design). I approve of it even though it sucks, it saves 1 million pounds of unrefined oil a year from being turned into plastic.”

So what do people think? Has anyone noticed the new caps? If so, do you like them or hate them or not care either way?

Pictures and quotes thanks to SoulPosition, paulsouthworth.

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  1. Cynthia

    I have a callous on my middle finger from trying to open them. I am all for helping the environment with more eco-friend designs; but they should do it in a more effective way. Am I the only one with a callous?? Darn my addiction to diet coke!

  2. Ryan

    I cut myself trying to open the coke bottle. It appears to have something to do with the pressure built up inside the bottle after its first opened. I have a callous on the inside of my thumb by my palm. I’ll be writing to Coco Cola and informing them that their caps are causing harm. I thought it was a fluke bottle, but its every 2 lieter bottle made by Coke… I’ll be going to twitter and facebook tomorrow to announce the problem.

  3. Jude

    Found a way to open these horrible caps without injury or frustration.
    Those ugly yellow (or whatever color) utility gloves or rubber gloves. they have a grip enhanced palm that assists in opening etc.
    Works !

  4. Liz

    I can barely get them open and have to ask for help (which I hate). Tonight, both my daughter and I cut our fingers. This is ridiculous.

  5. sophie

    Hate em. I have arthritis and they suck! Its not just coke bottles, nearly all bottled drinks I’ve bought lately have the nasty little horrors on them!
    I don’t know if its just a case of getting used to them.
    Very happy though about the enviromental impact.
    And…THANKYOU for bring up the issue for discussion! It toke me five tries on Google before I found anything about them!

  6. Juvi

    How about they go back to glass bottles or cans with a deposit. I made tons of money as a kid scouring construction sites, etc, collecting bottles/cans to return and get 5 cents per. THAT would truly be green!

  7. Matt

    Totally hate them, Really sharp on the hands, Cannot grip, makes it alot harder to open.

  8. MJ

    Well they are awful and I hate them. Not only are they impossible to open even for my husband. One other thing I like to mention is that after opening the bottles they go flat like now. I may stop buying coke because of this issue.


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