Thanks to our friends over at Slashfood, I have discovered that Vermont Spirits makes a vodka called Vermont Spirits Gold from maple syrup. Their website describes it as such:

“Vermont Spirits Gold is pure, delicate, unflavored vodka handmade in small batches from the sugar of maple sap. It is triple distilled and lightly filtered to allow the distinctive quality of the maple fermentation to come through.”

Yum. For those of you who don’t know this about me already, I’m a Vermonter, and us Vermonters LOVE, I mean LOVE our maple syrup. It’s one of the lifebloods of our economy. If you try and serve anything but 100% pure maple syrup to a true Vermonter, be prepared for a swift kick to the nuts.

My whole life, when someone offered me “maple syrup”, it was always 100% pure maple syrup, I was never aware of anything else. However, I didn’t realize other people eat substances which they call “maple syrup.” The first time in college when I tried the Aunt Jemima “maple syrup” in the dining hall, I assumed maple syrup is maple syrup, and it would taste like what I was used to. Blech. What a disgusting let down. Note to readers: don’t ever bring that fake syrup crap near me again.

So yeah, needless to say, a vodka that’s distilled from maple syrup instead of grain or potato sounds MONEY. Can’t wait to try it.

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  1. tim

    my standard refrain when considering pancakes, etc. in restaurants is “do you have real maple syrup?” sadly people in DC often don’t even know what that means. i always forget to bring my own outside syrups, jams and condiments when dining.

    maybe the profound experience of maple vodka will result in me being a booze snob in a similar vein. but i doubt it, the comparison just isn’t the same

  2. shatraw

    you think getting real maple syrup is tough in DC? try LA. yeesh.

    i, too, was raised on the real stuff in northern new york. i’m willing to bet i spent more time than anyone on this blog (Eick included) in sugar shacks, distilling that sticky sap into sweet, mapley goodness.

    except maybe ruca bangs. i think he grew up in a sugar shack.

  3. Abi Jones

    Anyone near a Trader Joe’s should have easy access to real maple syrup.

    What’s an affront to lovers of a good drink is Macallan’s Amber Liqueur. I was at the Science Club when they were handing out free glasses of the stuff. Never before had I seen so many abandoned drinks.

  4. Jen

    Great post. While I am not a maple syrup connoisseur – I do get offended by those who are not up to speed on the true nature of maple syrup. The most ridiculous event was when my old roommate from Missouri (you know it gets worse from here) opens up a bottle of “vanilla flavored” corn syrup and starts pouring it on her waffles one day when we lived together. When I saw this I squeaked in a horrified manner and said: “What in Gods name are you putting on your waffles!” To which she replied, “What? It’s just white maple syrup.”

    I nearly fell off my chair.


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