We’ve previously written about Mike Huckabee’s love of horse meat. On Wednesday, Mike Huckabee proved that eating horse is not his only odd meat preference. On the MSNBC show Morning Joe, Huckabee, talking about why he can relate to the people of South Carolina, told a story about how in college they would cook fried squirrels in a popcorn popper – the only cooking device they were allowed to keep in the dorms.

“Mike Huckabee is a madman. He kidnapped, slaughtered, skinned and devoured my second cousin, Sammy the Squirrel.”

My first question is: why is Huckabee talking about this stuff? Frying squirrels in a popcorn popper? Eating horse meat? Does he honestly believe this helps him with rural, southern voters? The other question is, even if rural southern voters do eat fried squirrel, do they necessarily want a President who openly talks about doing so? Doesn’t that just perpetuate the “hick” stereotype some people have about rural Southerners? If so, than Huckabee is HURTING not helping these voters.

“Let me emphasize once again that I used to be a fattie. If any of you have been friends with a fattie, then you know where I’m coming from. You can’t hold a fattie responsible for anything they eat, particularly if they haven’t eaten in over 3 hours.”

Also, while I’m sure some people think this is no big deal, haven’t psychologists been saying for years that one of the common traits in serial killers is torturing or killing small animals when they are a child? Now obviously I’m not saying Huckabee is any sort of killer, but it does make you wonder why he would even take the political risk of talking about something like this.

Here’s the footage of his remarks:

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  1. Mark Twain

    Why do you think hunters hunt? For the meat! I don’t know why any of you think it strange to eat animals, afterall, what is it about a cow, a lamb, or a chicken that makes it so much more normal than other animals? They’re all made out of meat.
    I, having been raised in rural Missouri, grew up hunting and fishing, and eating my catch. Squirrel is delicious, as is rabbit, ‘coon, deer, etc. As for cooking it up on a popcorn popper, that’s certainly novel, but it is simply a heat generating device, and heat is how one cooks meat. I understand the context was that of restrictive dorm rules on cooking implements…no open flames, obviously. Is this so bizarre to you folks, or is it just that much easier for you to call someone that is obviously better educated and has been more successful in life than most of us ever will a ‘hick’?
    Get over yourselves, please. It really is ignorant.

  2. Mike Licht

    Don’t you go knockin’ squirrel brains n’ eggs. Mighty good eatin.’
    Better breakfast than that gran-ola of yourn.
    Fresher, too. Just hold out a peanut and — wham! Breakfast.


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