Seriously. This is not a joke. While campaigning (pandering?) for votes in a heavily Dutch area of Iowa, Mike Huckabee named a few of his “favorite” Dutch foods. One of them was a dish that has horse meat in it. Huckabee even confirmed that horse meat, “tastes like chicken.”

“My name is Chester and Mike Huckabee ate my mother”

70% of Americans disapprove of eating horse meat and the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to ban horse slaughter in 2006. So while this comment might have endeared Huckabee to one or two Iowa Dutch voters, now that he’s going to be campaigning in New Hampshire and South Carolina, couldn’t it potentially make people feel kind of icky when they look at him?

“Ah c’mon guys, give me a break! I used to be a fatty! I used to eat all kinds of weird, random stuff besides horse meat.”

Even though he made these comments in December, Huckabee began taking flak over this from animal rights groups yesterday. But will this story ever burst out of the gate? Does the story have any legs? Will reporters ask him about it, or will any attempts to make it an issue come up lame?

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  1. a

    If he becomes President hopefully he’ll overturn that stupid horse slaughter ban. One good thing to come out of a Huckabee win….

  2. hillary_b

    horsemeat is huge in parma, italy! i never ventured down that gastronomic road, but people would line up around the corner at the horse butcher shop. it’s served there in the form of raw ground burger patty. yum?

    a middle aged italian man told me that when he was a teenager, his doctor told him to only eat it once a week, as it will give him acne, due to it’s oil content.

    don’t vom, you guys!

  3. woodrockBVS

    hmm if Huckabee is a Arkansas hillbilly, what does that make Hillary Clinton. Who served as Arkansas First Lady for 12 years…..I smell a red neck/hoosier/hillbilly/scary lady.

  4. lemmonex

    I hate Huckabee, but not for this. I have eaten horse–it is pretty tasty. I have no tolerance for people who can eat beef and pork, but feel some sort of guilt over horse.

  5. SP

    This is the stupidest topic I have ever seen!!! Get a life and check the man’s actual stances!!

  6. Eick

    Oh man…this one is too easy.

    Uh, SP, if this is “the stupidest” topic ever, then what does it say about someone (i.e. you) who actually takes the time and energy to respond or react to something that is the “stupidest topic” ever?

    Also, isn’t it possible that I could be extremely well-informed on his actual stances AND enjoy writing about his love of horse meat?

  7. danielle

    ok i love horses and i personaly think that any one who eats horse meat shoud die like the horse that the just ate….lets see how they like it

  8. jo

    eek ! no but seriously, i heard this guy is a southern baptist and has a long history of racial discrimination, maybe he feels better at the end of the day by eating horse ?


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