On the website taquitos.net, there are reviews for 39 different brands of ketchup chips. Huh? People, people, people. Ketchup as a flavor is boring, plus we’re talking potato chips here, not french fries. What gives?

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen ketchup chips on the shelves in a store. This begs the question, what has happened with all these ketchup chips that have been developed? Is there a secret underground of ketchup chip lovers who keep the niche market going with direct mail sales of specialty ketchup chips? If not, why are so many companies making a flavor with such limited demand? And another thing I discovered on taquitos.net is that apparently Burger King isn’t afraid to attach their name to snack products. How come I see TGI Friday wings at the supermarket but never see these?


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4 Responses

  1. dave

    eick, i love potato chips and ketchup

    ruffles and heinz? Yumcity

    why should fries be the only potato ketchup loves?

  2. steve

    Ketchup chips have long been a staple food in Canada. They taste nothing like ketchup (or tomatos), but they are pretty good in small doses. I think everyone under the age of 13 loves them though.

  3. hillary.blackerby@gmail.com'

    ketchup chips have been in europe for years, and i’m not a huge fan of ketchup use normally, but those chips are DELISH. these hopefully the same taste as those euro chips.


    Some things just don’t need to be done for me. I can handle dipping potato chips in ketchup myself, thank you very much! And I’d like to keep it that way. Blech.


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