(To be read in the voice of the movie trailer guy)

This November…You’ve had the turkey, you’ve had the gravy, you’ve even had the mashed potatoes and the stuffing. But what you don’t know…….could come back to surprise you!

On Thanksgiving Day, everything was not as it seemed. One diabolical chef, driven to the point of frustration, discovered that not all the stuffing he prepared could fit in his slow cooker. While the oblivious chefs around him continued with their tasks, this chef slowly and quietly stashed in the fridge….AN ENTIRE CONTAINER OF STUFFING!

That’s right! One sinister young man took matters into his own hands, putting uncooked stuffing into a sealed container to break out again in a few days….when everyone would least suspect it! Mwhahahahahahahahahah!

Just a few days ago, our chef used an oven to transform that stuffing from “unprepared” to “fully prepared” in less than an hour! And now, right when everyone least expects it, he unveils to the world, STUFFING 2: THE NEW BATCH!


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  1. Ruca Bangs

    I think you may have needed that vacation.

    I’m looking forward to the meal-by-meal report, complete with blurry camera-phone pics.

    “Day 4, hungover from cabo-wabo. These mahi-mahi omelettes smell soooo good. I think my mimosa is made from concentrate. The only single girl on this cruise is ano. I bet she’s soooooo hungry all the time. Hey, wanna try a tiny piece of this omelette? Why yes, I was nominated for best food and best humor blog. Ok, would you rather: eat half your body-weight in pudding with layers of cold-cuts and Vermont cheddar cheese OR go to this great nude beach I read about in ‘Outdoor Life’ magazine. Really? That is a gooooood answer. Ok, I’ll pack a picnic. Strawberry pancakes? Check. meatball subs? Check. Block of VT cheddar? Check. 6-pack of Magic Hat? Check. UVM blanket? Check. Wait, you can’t eat carbs? I don’t think this is going to work out. Wait, you love ‘Survivor’? Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. so. good.Ryan Zimmerman.Sooooo good.


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