What can I say. Hung won. I can’t really dispute the decision. He seems to be an extremely talented chef. Yeah, he acted arrogant and like a little snot a lot of the time, but, he’s, well, Hung. That’s just who he is. He backed it up 100% and proved that his boasts of being the best chef in the competition were totally accurate. I respect that. I respect that he talked the talk and then ultimately walked the walk. If you know for sure that you are the best, why should you have to pretend otherwise? Congrats Hung.


Although Hung really slacked off in the middle of the show, it was obvious from the start that he was one of the best there, and people mentioned repeatedly that “technically” he was the best chef. I thought the appeal of Casey as the first female winner would be big for the producers, but obviously her dishes really fell flat compared to Hung and Dale’s and she couldn’t even be considered as the winner.

Obviously my predictions were pretty wrong these last few weeks. I was right about Hung being in the finale, but wrong when I predicted Brian would be there with him. I underestimated Dale and didn’t anticipate Hung ultimately being the victor.


Congrats to Dale, Hung and Casey for making it as far as they did, and congrats to my boy Brian for making the Top 4. Casey if you’re ever in DC look me up, you can cook for me anytime.

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  1. Casey

    Oh boy, I will! I love your blog!

    Elk, elk, lemonade, ’round-the-corner, chub is made.

    stick the fork into the hole, you may find a dinner roll!

  2. Casey

    Dude? For me to pretend to be a dude is $65. Eveyone thinks its sooooo cheap to disinfect a strap-on.


    Plus, unlike craigslist, I won’t actually be a cop.

    Also, I’m a good chef.




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