Well I don’t have a whole lot to say about Sara leaving. I predicted last week that she would be the next to go and I think many people knew it was inevitable.

“Hi! I’m Sara. Everyone knew I was toast!”

Sara only impressed once or twice, and she very easily could have been gone 2, 4 or even 6 weeks ago. She had a string of errors, that while never fatal until now, constantly left her at risk of being sent home. There is no excuse for undercooking your chicken.

As I have predicted in the past, Hung is definitely bringing the skills down the stretch, and I see no signs that either Casey or Brian is faltering. My Brian/Hung finale prediction is drawing closer to reality. Dale, on the other hand, finally stumbled this week after a strong initial run. Even though he seems to have the skills to come back strong next week, I don’t believe he is as consistent week-to-week as the other three, and therefore I think he will be the next to go.

Next Week’s Prediction: Dale goes home

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