Last week, I predicted Dale, then Sara, would be the next to go home. Well, I was wrong. I didn’t count on CJ serving disgustingly burnt broccoli broccolini. Who even likes broccoli brocolini? No one, that’s who. You could tell that stuff looked gross from the moment he took it out of the oven. I liked CJ’s affable, awww shucks demeanor for a while, but I will admit it was starting to wear thin on me.

“Hi I’m CJ! I’m really tall!”

The big surprise of the episode was Casey winning the elimination challenge for the second time in a row. She had become a bit of a joke after her embarrassing onion dicing performance, and many people were questioning if she was worthy of the show. After two strong performances like that, I’m thinking she might have a shot at making the finals. After all, Top Chef has yet to have a female winner, the producers might be pining for that this year.

I predicted Dale would be gone this week, but his performance has told me maybe I’ve been underestimating him. I’m going to stick with my previous prediction for next week of Sara. I also stand-by my Brian/Hung finale prediction, although Casey is making a strong run and Dale looks solid.

Next Week’s Prediction: Sara goes home.

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  1. ruca bangs

    most enjoy broccoli, his offending dish was the broccolini, which when cooked right, tastes like bitter weeds.

    now that howie’s gone, everyone is all lovey-dovey and it makes me sick. They should bring in ramsey to fuck shit up and make people cry. That and underhanded pshycological warfare is what reality TV is all about, not being friends and rooting for each other and hugging. Jeeeeesus, they should just quit, open a restaurant together, and get it over with.

    Top chef shoud be about who makes the best, most daring and delicious food, but its basically turned into a contest to see who can least screw up really basic side items and simple grains.

  2. Aragonesque

    Ok, fella, I’ve got bones to pick with you. You and I have always waxed poetic when it comes to this show, so this instance should be no exception:

    1. I heart the Broccolini. I do! Next time I’m in DC I’ll sautée some for you and you’ll be transformed.
    2. Although it’s definitely helpful (and useful), you don’t need sick knife skills to be an exceptional chef. Look at Hung (insert cheap giggle). He’s got incredible knife skills but his innovation is a joke. Um, Cucumber slice w/ salmon mousse? That Candyland piece of shit he created? What a tool Hung is.
    3. Don’t be hatin’ on Dale. To me, he’s the quintessential dark horse in the bunch.
    4. I actually like that the cast is very supportive of eachother. Shows maturity in a VERY immature profession. I am glad that crybaby Howie is gone, though. What a waste of space.
    5. Who’s the dude you have a guy crush on again from season 1? So so gay.

    Ok, my Top Chef rant is done and done. GO DALE! WORK IT!

  3. Eick

    No hating on Dale here, did I not admit I’ve been underestimating him?

    I don’t have a crush on anyone from season 1, I think you’re thinking of Sam from Season 2, who was the shit. I think I spit out my coffee that time you tried to say Ilan was better looking then Sam.

    Hung was dominating early, then totally sucked in the middle. I think he steps it back up down the stretch. I’m still rooting for my boy Brian, and Casey is coming on strong, but you’re right, Dale is bringing it too.


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