A couple of great interviews with CJ are out. One by Eater LA and the other by Grub Street.

In his interview with Eater LA, CJ says he thinks Casey, Brian or Dale will win, but definitely not Hung. Then in his interview with Grub Street, he singles out both Brian and Hung as people he DOES NOT think will win. Considering he didn’t mention Sara, and pretty much everyone thinks she’ll be gone soon, that means CJ is predicting either Casey or Dale to win (and he singles out Casey for praise).


CJ also claims that his ill-fated broccolini, which the judges called “the single worst dish” they’d had in 3 years of show, should not have been served. CJ says he didn’t want to send them out, but was told by people on the production team, “you have to send them out.”

As far as CJ’s predictions, I say whateves. Like CJ knows ANYTHING about these competitors. Obviously as a couch potato who watches the show I’m much more qualified then CJ to make predictions. I stand by my Brian/Hung finale prediction.

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  1. Deborah Dowd

    I have to root for Casey as the dark horse. She has come into her own at the end, and I have to disagree about Hung. I think the judges were put off by his revelation that he had better recipes but did not use them. Bad move!

  2. MKO

    As a fan of broccolini in general, Dale’s broccolini did not look appealing at all. Especially as an airplane food… I’m also kind of rooting for Casey – as a side note, it is some kind of a torture that good food shows like Top Chef, After Hours, and Iron Chef are on at 9 or 10pm.


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