They released a new steak sauce under their HP brand, called, you guessed it, HP Steak Sauce.


Well they released it in Great Britain. So you can’t actually buy the new steak sauce anywhere in America. Oh and it’s not available for retail, just for the food service sector. So even if you DO live in Great Britain, you can’t buy it at a store.

So I guess this blog post really only has relevance to about 72 store owners in Britain. Or anyone planning to travel to Britain soon…who also plan to eat at a steakhouse…and also plan to specifically request this steak sauce after reading about it on my blog. So basically what I’m saying is you will mostly likely never be able to try this steak sauce. Never ever. In your entire life.

Also, I’ve had my fair share of knock-off versions, but everyone with a half-decent palate knows you will never dethrone A1 as the king of steak sauces.

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  1. Flip

    Although A1 might be feeling the heat, could explain the fact that they´re lauching more aggressive publicity, namely a video contest to get more free commercials. Out of which, by the way, this one´s hillarious:


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