It’s Would You Rather Wednesday! Let’s take a look at some classic holiday/Christmas time foods, and ask, which would you rather have to eat all in one sitting?

Option #1: One chocolate yule log.


Option #2: A dozen large gingerbread cookies.


You must sit down – and you cannot get up until you have eaten all of the chosen option. You may drink whatever beverage you wish during this eating endeavor.

The chocolate yule log will run you 4,524 calories, 169 grams of fat & 604 grams of sugar.

One dozen large (3 oz.) gingerbread cookies will run you 4,080 calories, 120 grams of fat & 264 grams of sugar.

Please share in the comments which option you chose and why.

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Photos via The Family Kitchen and Cake & Allie.

3 Responses

  1. Andres Bravo

    I choose the cookies only because the calorie intake would be lower and therefore easier to digest

  2. Beeuts

    haha, cookies are less damaging. probably true. liver/kidneez/pancreas would be hard-pressed to come back from a 4lb sugar bomb.

    cook-eez 4 tha sureity.


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