Would You Rather Wednesdays continue and today we look at tomorrows Thanksgiving meal and all the traditional dishes that go along with it. But what if you were forced to alter your to exclude one of those classic dishes?

Option #1: No more mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.

Option #2: No more stuffing (dressing) at Thanksgiving.


Please share in the comments which dish you would sacrifice from Thanksgiving.

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3 Responses

  1. Mark

    Stuffing for me. It is much more difficult to make it so I only go through the effort a few times a year. Mashed potatoes just aren’t that special

  2. Dagrappler

    Even the best mashed potatoes can’t measure up to freshly-scooped out, in-the-bird roasted stuffing like we had last night. Stuffing that has had the pleasure of absorbing hours and hours worth of turkey juices can’t be matched by any recipie of crushed spuds no matter who makes them…


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