Would You Rather Wednesday!

Today’s match-up basically came about because I glanced over at my fruit bowl to see what I had in there today besides my always-present apples.

Option #1: Never eat avocados again.

Option #2: Never eat mangos again.

This question also inspired some Googling on my part to find out: what IS the plural of mango? Is it mangos or mangoes? Turns out, both are correct, so go nuts people.

Please share in the comments the logic behind the choice you made.

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5 Responses

  1. Mark

    Definitely keeping mangoes here. While I appreciate a bit of avocado on my sandwich or in a burrito from time to time, I can’t imagine a world where I can’t just buy mangoes on a whim and dig in. Or no mango smoothies, or mango ice cream, or mango chutneys! It’d be a terrible world.

  2. Shannon

    Mangoes are the only fruits that I have tried that I do not like. So that was an easy choice.

  3. Mark

    Really tough choice, dried mangoes, mango yogurt, mango smoothies etc are all wonderful but I eat avocado in some form at least once a week and can’t give that up.

  4. gerta89

    ohhh, this one was mean. but while I can supplement my fruit fix with other fruit, there’s nothing quite like an avocado.


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