Would You Rather Wednesdays continue!

Today’s match-up pits two staples of the salad world against each other. And lets not forget cooked/sauteed/roasted onions or peppers. No matter which choice you make, a sausage at the ballpark will never be the same.

Option #1: Never eat onions again

Option #2: Never eat bell peppers again.

Please share in the comments the logic behind the choice you made.

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6 Responses

  1. Mark

    As much as I would miss peppers, onions are far too much of a foundation element to far too many dishes to give it up.

  2. Andrés Bravo

    Just like Mark said, I love me some bell peppers but onions are just essential in my diet

  3. Ronald

    Yeah, onions are the foundations for so many things. Unless you personally dislike onions, which would classify you as a lunatic, this is a simple question. Other mild peppers could easily be used in place of bell peppers as well.


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