Would You Rather Wednesdays continue!

Option #1: You must eat a meal at/from Sonic 5 days a week. Yes, you can use the Sonic happy hour if you prefer.

Option #2: You must eat pizza as a meal 5 times a week.

Notes: You can eat/order whatever you want at Sonic, but you can’t just pop in for a limeade on days you aren’t “feeling it.” You must eat a whole meal’s worth of food 5 days a week. In terms of pizza, same thing, you must eat what would reasonably be considered a “meal” worth of pizza 5 times a week – however this pizza can come from anywhere, at a restaurant, food cart, frozen pizza, deep dish, thin crust etc.

Please share in the comments the logic behind the choice you made.

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  1. Andrés Bravo

    I would rather eat a meal from Sonic’s 5 days a week given the fact that I could order something different everyday, whereas with pizza I would only have 1 choice. Even though it could come from anywhere and have different toppings, crust, sauce and what not. It would still be pizza.
    The one thing I’m not sure about though is, how many slices would you consider a full meal? is it a matter of calories? Like say, 500 to 600 calories worth of pizza? Cuz obviously 1 slice of thin crust pizza doesn’t compare to 1 slice of deep dish pizza…


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