What could be better than getting a foul ball at a major league baseball game? In my opinion, not very much.

But, what happens if said ball winds up in your beer? You might be a reasonable person and take the ball out, dry it off, and go on your merry way. Or, like the guy in the video above, you could chug the beer while the ball is still in the cup. In the heat of the moment, many guys would likely go for the second option (and yes, I think this does fall on gender lines – guys are stupid).

In the absence of pumping adrenaline and a crowd egging you on, let’s examine this latter option.

It goes without saying that the ball in your cup is not in pristine condition. Even if relatively new, it has been “handled” by ball players. This is generally not a group known for being squeaky clean – if fact, it is quite the opposite. Between all the tobacco spit, pine tar, eye black, on-hand peeing, and general anything-goes behavior – the general rule is: the dirtier, the better. Therefore, you can bet your bottom dollar that every ball in play is a degree of funky.

Now image this magnet of funkitude is placed directly in your cold, frothy beverage. [In the case of Wrigley and Old Style, it might actually make the beer better, but that is another matter.]

I think we all know what you should do – but what would you do?

H/t to Deadspin for the tip.

[As an aside, to MLB – seriously, it is 2012, and you won’t allow video on YouTube? Do you really not want anyone to see the great moments of your sport? You don’t have the pull of the NFL, and should follow the NBA model. Thank You.]

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  1. Shannon

    Whenever I am at a baseball game, I spend so much time thinking about how I am going to get out of the path of the ball if it comes my way that this scenario never crossed my mind. It is definitely gross to chug a beer with a ball in it. I would more than likely pluck the ball out and continue to drink unless someone dared me to use it like an ice cube or I had some people staring at me. Most people after catching a foul ball probably do things like eat or touch their eyes anyway. I don’t think anyone is in a huge rush to put the ball in a biohazard bag before they finish watching the game.


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