Voting is now closed. Airheads defeats Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 61% – 39% to be crowned the winner of Candy Madness. Airheads join Bacon, Dairy Queen and Oreo as winners of So Good food brackets over the last four years.

And then there were two. Fan favorite/underdog Airheads proved their earlier wins over low seeds were not a fluke, convincingly taking out #2 seed Kit Kat in the Final Four. But now they go up against a behemoth of the candy world, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. As they say in the commercial, there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s – but is there a way to beat Reese’s?

Voting is open until 2 pm ET on Friday, at which point we will crown the greatest candy in existence.

If you STILL aren’t hip yet to Candy Madness, read our intro post here and see the (almost final) bracket below, which has now been updated to include the vote totals/margin of victory for every single match-up so far.

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Let us know who got your vote in the final and why, or share any thoughts you have on the results from the full bracket above.

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40 Responses

  1. Unhappy

    So Good seems to care more about generating social media buzz then truly crowning the the best candy. Shenanigans indeed!

  2. Deliciousness

    @ Unhappy…I think the best candy is the winner of candy madness. Did you not read the rules?

    Maybe So Good can add another bracket and call it Cry-Baby Madness…I am most certain you will be a #1 seed.

  3. Eick

    @Unhappy – all I do is put up the posts and let the votes be tallied. It’s not my job to crown the winner of Candy Madness, it’s the job of the voters. If I just crowned who I wanted that would be pretty boring (and I wouldn’t have crowned any of these final four, I would have picked Sour Patch Kids)

    So what exactly is your solution? Ban or block people from voting because they think a the best candy is a different one than the one you think is best? Then unilaterally declare a winner after 4 weeks of voting? Obviously we can’t do that.

    Whoever shows up to vote will determine the winner, whether they think the best candy is Airheads, Reese’s or a bag of cockroaches. This bracket is decided by the people, not me.

  4. SweetNinja

    Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! I can’t stand reese’s peanut butter cups. Come on Airheads! I love you guys!

  5. Brian

    air heads are awesome, but better than reese’s?!?!?!?!?! I had this same feeling when Sonic lost to DQ, its upsetting…..

  6. Smarter Than You!!

    Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity-Democritus

    Airheads are the Fruit of Necessity…Now eat, eat them all!!!

  7. Smile

    I’m.. not sure how to vote on this one. Of the two, I prefer Airheads.. but I’m sorry, I just don’t think that they deserve to be crowned top candy. I guess I’m going to go with Reese’s then.

  8. Jenn

    At first I was upset at the obvious injustice of an Airheads win. I mean, there’s a reason Reese’s are in every vending machine and Airheads are rarely, if ever, seen in them. But then I realized that Reese’s sales probably blow Airheads’ out of the water. So go ahead Airheads, take this little win. You’ll never touch the glory that is Reese’s 😛

  9. The Real Deal

    @Jenn…..Wow! You sure sound bitter. If the win is so “little” why would you even bother to acknowledge it???

    Let’s face it…Airheads is just whipping up on Reeses. Take your beat down with class.

  10. Troy

    @Jenn, Cool story! Want to tell it again?

    Somebody’s just mad that Airheads are going to win it all!!!!! Airheads all the way!

  11. Cynthia

    @Deliciousness – leave Smile alone. Just because you can’t quite understand what Smile is saying, those of us with a brain knew exactly what the post was talking about.

  12. Smarter Than You!!

    Hey I heard the Airheads folks are making a “Shenanigans” Bar for the Unhappy’s, Cynthia’s, and Jenn’s of the world, it’s gonna be flavored Sour Grape!!

  13. Oh No You Didn't!

    @ Smarter Than You…..BAHAHAHAHAHA! Sour Grape! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    @ Cynthia…I think Deliciousness has a point. I mean, Smile says he likes Airheads better, but he votes for the other? Gibberish…

    By the way, Reese’s USED to be good. They, like all of the other American chocolate manufacturers have gone cheap with their raw materials. If you have ever had REAL chocolate you would know what I am talking about.

  14. Crysta

    The rudeness in these comments is unbelievable. Saying someone doesn’t have a brain because they didn’t understand a post that really doesn’t make much sense is rude and uncalled for.

    I do not like peanut butter, and I especially do not like Reese’s peanut butter cups. I think they’re gross, and I’m rather glad that Airheads is winning because I feel it’s a better candy.

  15. Youppi

    THIS IS CRAZY. PB CUPS HAS GOT TO WIN. Airheads are good, certainly, but winning over PB Cups would be a HUGE upset… I smell a rigging going on…

  16. James

    @ Brain you are so right sonic should have won. Also I am split because I like both equally, I had picked twix to win it all.

  17. SweetNinja

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are alluring for a reason. They contain high amounts of fat: 20% total fat (per serving which is only 2 cups), 23% saturated fat, 150 mg of sodium, and 21 grams of sugar. An airheads bar (pure fruity goodness) contains way less: total fat is 1%, zero saturatated and trans fat, 10mg of sodium, and only 9 grams of sugar. So, here is some food for thought: it would take roughly an hour walking briskly to burn off most of a single pack of reese’s (2 cups) where as you could eat three to four Airheads (full sized), and burn off the same amount in that time. Not to mention that more people have allergies to chocolate, which makes Airheads the better candidate. All in All: Pick Airheads. The candy that rocks! Go AIRHEADS!!!

  18. Sophia

    Well, right now I can’t eat airheads because of my braces. But, I’ve always been a true Reese’s fan. Also, Reese’s is owned by Hershey, so that would mean voting anti-Hershey. I know one of you who voted for air-heads has got to love Kit Kat, Hershey Bars, or Twizzlers.

  19. Bakergirl

    How about a Candy Bar Madness – one with no candy containing artificial fruit flavor. Chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, and nuts – these are the flavors I crave. Now I need to go find some leftover Easter candy!

  20. Raiders757

    It’s pretty obvious that this entire poll was rigged by an Airheads internet flash mob. Airheads are good and all, but in no way are they THE best candy. Not even close

  21. James

    Its not airheads faults that they actually used social media to push for votes. Every other company could have done this, and they didnt. So its just to bad for everyone else and smart thinking for airheads

  22. Smarter Than You!!

    Way to go Airheads!

    King of the Candy World!!

    Now for all the whiners out there…please forward your mailing address so I may send you a small pack of facial tissues so you you don’t ruin your clothes or short circuit your keyboard.

    You may now go forth and eat Airheads!!

  23. Sethonious

    DQ has just announced a so good meal combo. A 1/2 lb bacon flamethrower burger, onion rings, Oreo Blizzard, and a white mystery airhead.

  24. Rogan

    Obviously, you haven’t been paying attention to Fast Food Bracket. DQ and Sonic tied.


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