Like many of you I am a big fan of Game Of Thrones.

I started reading the books shortly after they came out and when the TV show was announced I was thrilled. The books and the show have spawned many different types of official and fan supported supported websites, games, and my topic at hand, cookbooks. Started back in March 2011, Inn at The Crossroads started out as a food blog with a theme and has developed into a highly anticipated cookbook. I know I will have a copy on my shelf. It wasn’t until today when I saw a crossover post from a similarly themed blog around another quasi historical book series called Outlander, that I began to look into this trend. The Outlander Kitchen offers modern interpretations of historical dishes with some very humorous character themed meals as well like Chocolate Salted Pretzel Balls.

(side note the above is the only Karaoke song I will ever sing, I either never get asked to sing again or drink for free for the night, win/win for me)

The Hunger Games juggernaut has spawned a cookbook as well, I’m sure everyone is clamoring for a pot of Greasy Sae’s dog bits stew. Yum.

You can go back  further and find a cookbook and a blog inspired by Brian Jaques’s Redwall, which has the kid in me itching to buy it.


There are some shows out there that really could have taken advantage of this idea but missed their shot. I know I would buy a cookbook from The Wire. I need a good lake trout recipe.

Seinfeld would be a great cookbook too, who wouldn’t ‘t want to be able to make their own marble rye?

I’m sure some enterprising soul could cash in on the Firefly fans with a cookbook as well. Their communal meals were a big part of the show. What fan wouldn’t want to imagine they were sitting down to a meal with Mal, Jayne and the gang?

Sp how about you? What TV show or Movie would you like to see inspire a cookbook?

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  1. Outlander Kitchen

    Many thanks for the link! Food from Fiction is a trend that will be around for awhile…it’s a great way to get more out of the stories you love! Theresa

  2. Chelsea

    Since you brought up the unofficial Hunger Games cookbook (banana bread in district 12? PLEASE.), I’ve just got to point you to Fictional Food: The blogger who runs it is a diehard fan of THG, and her recipes are much, much closer to what would be eaten in the districts and capitol!


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