Perhaps there is some validity to the claim that everything is bigger in Texas. The Texas Rangers are just stepping up to the plate to solidify it. And really, is there anyone better suited to pitch anything with ease then Team president Nolan Ryan? In a recent radio interview he enthusiastically boasted the new addition to the franchises stadium menu roster which will make its debut on April 6th, the Rangers home opener.

The offering is a Coney Island-style wiener that will be adorned with shredded cheese, chili, jalapenos and sauteed onions. Perhaps the biggest justification for pricing?  Well that would be the bun, which is made of an exotic bread imported directly from France. Le Yee-haw!

The two-foot-long, one-pound gourmet behemoth apparently feeds three or four fans easily and costs a paltry $26.  Truly not your Grandfather’s ballpark frank. To give a current price comparison, you’ll pay about $7.50 for a standard size Nathan’s dog at Yankee Stadium this year.

Look for Man vs. Food fueled eating competitions revolving around this meaty monolith. Undoubtedly it will become a legend of 7th inning stretch mark devourathon challenges.

“We wanted something that somebody would walk up to and go, ‘Wow,'” said Philip Wheatley, the park’s food and beverage director. “We obviously do hot dogs well. We worked with a local purveyor of ours to come up with something that big. We just thought a one-pound hot dog would be a fun thing to do, more so for the look. Hopefully people will enjoy it.”

This mighty dog wil be available throughout the stadium but if you manage to order it at the Captain Morgan Club, the resident sports bar, it’ll arrive on a specially designed two-foot cutting board.


Anywhere else on the premises, the tube steak will be sold as “the Boomstick”. Geeky, Evil Dead reference aside, it’s a much better suited name for such a formidable Snack Bar rookie.

As MLB fans consume more then 25 million hot dogs a year, time will tell if the Champion Dog is just a marketing ploy or the real deal, one day having its number retired next to the three pound pretzel the Rangers brought up from the Minors last year.

At the time of writing this article, both the Fenway Frank and the Dodger Dog were unavailable for comment.


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  1. James

    If they think that dog is crazy, they should go try a footlong Chicago Dog from sonic. Now that is a extreme dog.


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