Meetings make me tired. There’s something about a vanilla Power Point presentation set against dimmed office lighting that instantly propels me into free danish assisted hibernation. Maybe it’s an evolutionary defense mechanism 9-5er’s have bred to avoid being subjected to monotony.  If I haven’t managed to down three cups of Sanka before one of these marathons, I don’t normally emerge from my slumber until Joel the night janitor nudges my legs furiously with his Dyson.

 Information is a wonderful thing when presented in small doses. Most people have an attention span of a chipmunk on Red Bull these days or don’t have time to process anything more then 140 characters. An ideal meeting form would be someone handing me a piece of Bazooka Joe bubble-gum every two minutes (the exact amount of time the flavor lasts) and inside I would find a condensed recap of the presenters point, which would help alleviate my brain trying to suffocate itself with a pillow it just thought up. Plus if you collected enough of these, you could mail them in for some really cool X-ray vision glasses.

Once again the internet to the rescue! I urge all business execs around the world to take some time and review the charts presented below. These are sterling examples of why you should give bullet points up for Lent and stick with it for the rest of your career. People like graphs, they like Charts and they sure as Hell love pie, charts. If you slightly pepper that Sales deck with short, succinct data that even slightly resembles Pac-man or a Create Your Own Story path, you’ve got your audience hook, line and sinker.

Here for your consideration are some amusing food statistics that perhaps people normally wouldn’t have given the time of day if committed to a sterile overhead projector presentation. Ensuring that we don’t fall asleep on our laptop, possibly electrocuting ourselves in the process. Hmm, I guess that’s one way out of a bad presentation.




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