Name two things that will be trendy to make at home in 2012.  Terrible Carnak rip off aside, I have been putting some thought into what 2012 will bring about in the world of food. I found an article from 2010 looking ahead to 2011 and they had some pretty interesting, and somewhat accurate predictions. 2011 was all about going small and local.

From the the rise of CSA’s and home gardening, to home brewing and wine making, to in-home soda production, everywhere you looked there was some way to do it yourself in the kitchen. No matter where you live you can likely find a CSA or farm market near you to take advantage of locally produced food.

CSA availability in the US

CSA’s and farm markets are just one part of an overall move towards healthier eating across the board. School lunches were a hot topic that received attention from the First Lady, the Food Network and Jamie Oliver. If Jamie Oliver running around in a full body hair net which he’s probably popping hair growth pills back-stage and an apron doesn’t make you want to eat healthier I don’t know what will.

At the same time that people are eating closer to home and making more of their own things, technology has become a major tool to make that easier. Apps for recipes, restaurants and even foraging have enabled people to find out about their food no matter where they are.

Looking ahead to 2012 I see a lot more of the same with a few twists. “The War on Food” will continue (and “the War on Food” will become a phrase) I think we will see a continued trend away commercial food products, and as a result the major food manufacturers will step up their campaigns to combat the erosion of their market. Already we have seen Michelle Obama shift her focus away from healthy food choices, and towards increased exercise as a way to combat childhood obesity. Many have claimed that her change in focus is directly due to the influence that major  producers like Monsanto have lined the pockets of her husband enough to change her focus.

Also in 2012, I think we can expect to see a new player in the food TV market. With The Food Network going all MTV with reality shows all the time, and the Cooking Channel picking up the MTV2 spot it looks like there is room for someone else to fill in the gap for actual cooking shows. As much as PBS has great cooking shows they don’t really have the juice to compete. Bravo has a great following with Top Chef but I don’t think that cooking instruction fits their motif.  Someone has to step up.  Please Save us from more Rachael vs Guy

(Note: Coolios inclusion on this show does not make his cookbook any less ridiculous)

Lastly in 2012 I think we can expect to see some shifts in the fast food industry. One of the major regional chains is going to step up and go Nationwide. Whether it be Culvers, In N Out, Umami Burger or some other player, someone is going to try to bring their version of fresh and local across the country to ride the wave of that food trend.

And for my oddball prediction in 2012, I am going to predict that farmed guinea pigs will make there way into the US market as the final piece of Peruvian food craze.


So what do you think So Good readers, what food trends do you expect in 2012?


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