In an attempt to turn around a weakening market share in the US, Anheuser-Busch InBev announced yesterday that it was bringing another unnecessary product to market. Similar to the lame ducks of Bud Light Golden Wheat and Bud Light Lime introduced in recent years, AB is taking another long shot at success in Bud Light Platinum.

Instead of going the way of Michelob Ultra and the low-calorie, fit ‘n fun lifestyle, Platinum is reportedly going the other direction, with a boozier (6% alcohol vs. 4.2% for Bud Light) and more caloric (137 vs. 110) beverage.

Seems that AB has picked up the not-so-recent trend of giving people an amped up version of what we are already consuming – more fat, more salt, more sugar, and in this case more booze and calories. What more could we want as Americans?

My issue here is the lack of originality, inherent contradiction, and likely higher price point of this product.

As we all know, there are many beers with higher alcohol content, and often, calories. Fortunately, almost all of these beers taste better than a Bud Light. So what need does this product fill? Why would someone buy this?

Also, how can this beer be called “light” with its calorie infusion?

Finally, have you ever heard of a product with “platinum” in its name that didn’t have a markup?

AB has its work cut out if it wants this beer to sell. They have until January, and I have my doubts.

H/t to Huffington for the top picture.

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