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Monthly Archives October 17, 2011

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So Good Blog/News Round-Up 10/17/11

Ban food marketing to kids? A candid conversation with Anthony Bourdain. Domino’s thrives with ‘Brutally Honest’ Ads. Food & Wine picks their best burgers in the U.S. America's Children...
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Eating Styles: Donut Edition!

It's Thursday, which means it's time for another Eating Styles poll! This week, it's all about donuts. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of Sunday morning church services thinking about what kind of donut to...
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Note from the Editor (Eick): We're excited to share with you the first post from our newest writer...Andy!  This week the colonel delivered a TKO on a China based fried chicken chain. KFC took the...
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So Good Welcomes….Andy

Howdy folks. I'm excited to announce that in the next couple weeks we'll be adding a few new writers to the So Good team. The first newbie up and the latest addition  to the So Good team...Andy! Please give...
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Beer Tasting: Wisconsin Football Party

As my family and I were preparing for the Wisconsin Badgers/Nebraska Huskers football game the other day, my dad pointed out how many types of beer were in the cooler. We were surprised to find there were at...