Howdy folks. I’m excited to announce that in the next couple weeks we’ll be adding a few new writers to the So Good team. The first newbie up and the latest addition  to the So Good team…Andy! Please give him a warm welcome and/or follow him on Twitter @evilpez4. He has a little bit to share about himself, so read up and learn kids!

Hello SoGooders (ies?),

I thought it best to do a quick intro.  As my belt will attest, I’ve been a food enthusiast for a very long time. Growing up in a small fishing town which, at best, could be generously described as low income, there was often a day I would find cabbage with peanut butter in my lunch box. Yes, raw cabbage slathered with Skippy. The flip side of the coin was that during Lobster season we had so many extra crustaceans in the house for sandwiches it had the street value of Bologna. You couldn’t even trade lobster at the cafeteria table for a bruised apple.

 Feast and Famine sums up my formative years. It only makes sense that once this country mouse hit the big city, I devoured and immersed myself in as many diverse culinary finds possible. It’s been a tasty journey so far and I welcome the opportunity to share with you many more snack size news and notes.  Just don’t expect any scathing exposes on the nutritional value of cabbage and peanut butter.

– Andy


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