It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Would You Rather time. Today’s match-up is, frankly, one I’m surprised we haven’t done before. Oh, and it is cruel. Burgers or sandwiches? If you’re anything like me, this choice is a brutal sacrifice of a delicious food option.

Option #1: You can never eat burgers again.

Option #2: You can never eat sandwiches again.

Let’s not get too technical here and say “oh but a burger is a sandwich.” You know what a burger is, you know what a sandwich is, as traditionally defined. This includes ALL burgers, not just beef, so bison, veggie burger, lamb burger etc. Ditto sandwiches. Anything between pieces of bread, i.e. turkey, veggie, cheesesteak etc. is a sandwich.

Share in the comments why you made the choice you did.

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7 Responses

  1. thomas

    I think between Chick-fil-a sandwiches, meatball subs, and cheesesteaks I could satisfy most of my burger cravings without an actual burger.

  2. Sam

    Burgers! They are more substantial and I crave them all the time while I don’t get cravings for sandwiches very often.

  3. Heidi

    Give up my PB&J or PB&B? Never!

    @Paul – I’d guess a Patty Melt counts as a sandwich because it’s between regular sliced bread and not on a burger bun.

  4. Diana

    This is the only Would You Rather? that I haven’t been able to answer. I just stared at my screen and mentally shouted HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME ANSWER!!!


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