It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Would You Rather time. Today, it’s a battle of herbs. Which will prove to be more popular?

Option #1: You can never eat rosemary again.

Option #2: You can never eat cilantro again.

Share in the comments why you made the choice you did.

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4 Responses

  1. Spenny

    Even though I like the taste and smell of rosemary more, I’m guessing that I eat WAY more food with cilantro in it (think of all the Mexican and Asian dishes!). Gotta go with cilantro.

  2. julia

    I dont hate cilantro, but it’s a little weird. I LOVE rosemary though, esp. on my chicken.

  3. Kat

    I used to despise cilantro, but I’ve grown a love for it now. Rosemary can be overpowering, and doesn’t pair well with alot of dishes, so cilantro for the win..


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