That’s the idea behind this video from two students at Miami Ad School Europe. They’re pitching the idea of an “Olympic Whopper” which would be cooked over “real Olympic fire.”

How exactly that would work is a little unclear, but it’s an interesting gimmick and attention grabber. And it DOES fit with the general Burger King ad campaigns which frequently surprise, create controversy and cross the boundaries of poor taste.

In the video, the students suggest that “The King” would somehow intercept or light something off of the actual Olympic torch once it reached London, and he would then “take back” this Olympic fire to all the BK’s of the world. This appears to just be a student project that is unsanctioned by Burger King (I could be wrong about that) but if that is the case, I wonder how crazy BK is about them using The King, BK logo and nabbing

This is a catchy and bizarre enough idea however, that I bet this ad goes viral, and BK, whether involved or not, will get attention, derision and bemusement from it.

UPDATE: And just as quickly as it was there, it’s gone. The Vimeo video is now “private” and the Facebook page has been shutdown. Glad I at least grabbed the three images you see above!

UPDATE #2: You can view the ad HERE.


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  1. Christine

    Its cool thinking by Miami Ad School – however they forgot about copyrights and now everything is deleted!

    Burger King is probably thrilled about the pitch and Miami Ad School is one of the most recognized in the world – however the Olympic committee or org is very protective about all copyrights!!

  2. Annie

    Oh, man! I wish I got to see the ad for it. It looks really well-made from the still shots. I love me some Whopper deliciousness! (Free whoppers at SaverTime FYI).

    BK should just let it go. It can’t hurt and would have definitely gone viral. Oh well!


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