It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Would You Rather time. Today, you WILL be denied the enjoyment of freshness with two of the most popular beverages. That’s right, your juice or milk drinking enjoyment is about to come crashing down around you. Here are your choices:

Option #1: The only juice you can drink must be frozen & from concentrate.

Option #2: The only milk you can drink must be powdered milk.

No more milk on your cereal unless it’s powdered, no more fresh squeezed orange juice at your local diner. Heck no more buying pre-packaged, ready-to-drink orange juice. For the purposes of simplicity, this only affects beverages that you drink/eat AS beverages. You can still eat regular food that may have juice or milk in it as an ingredient.

Share in the comments why you made the choice you did.

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8 Responses

  1. Benjamin

    Powdered milk is definitely way grosser than frozen juice. In fact, frozen juice is already my juice of choice at the grocery store.

  2. Eick

    Powdered milk is FOR SURE grosser than frozen juice, but I’m surprised it’s not doing better in the vote. I figured lots of people would say “meh, I don’t drink milk much ever anyways” and just choose that option so they could keep drinking fresh OJ etc.

  3. food, food, food, and more food

    Fresh is always better. If I have to choose, I’ll pick the juice instead. Powder Milk, yuk. I don’t I want powder milk in my cereal, the taste will be different from fresh milk. Frozen juice is not good as well, but it beats powder milk.

  4. Obbop

    Dietary restrictions keep me from drinking all fruit juices whether fresh, frozen, whatever.

    Sniff. Sob.

    Also had to greatly limit milk intake.

    More sniffs and sobs.

    Seldom use powdered milk but its minute amount of usage exceeds the none for any type of fruit juice.

  5. julia

    I don’t drink milk, so, I’ll choose that one! Actually I rarely drink juice either, but I do with my booze! So I’ll keep the fresh stuff.


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