Anyone who follows the world of food or lives in a city struck by the food truck craze (see: DC, LA, Portland, Austin, NYC and many, many others) knows that several years ago the food truck business started blowing up, and is still going strong. But now there is a new contender in the “mobile” vending world: a food boat.

Yes, the Burger Buoy is serving up breakfast, hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches from a converted  houseboat, such as their signature Buoy Burger, a six-ounce burger on a Kaiser roll with bacon, cheese, coleslaw and cucumbers. The idea was born out of the frustration boaters often have with how long it can take them to return to shore, dock their boat and wait in line at what is usually a single shop in the harbor. They have a website, as well as a Facebook page that could use some love.   The owner of Burger Buoy explains the concept:

“Boaters can call in an order over the phone or radio or even text it and can either pick up or have their order delivered.”

While they probably have to pay for a dock slip, much like food trucks they don’t have to pay either rent or property tax. Offering a potential low-overhead business after paying to renovate the boat. The boat is operating in the harbor of Freeport, NY and looks like this:

Cool. So what’s next? A food plane? Unicycle delivery riders? A swim-up food submarine that surfaces in the middle of popular beaches? Food parachuters who drop down on you while at the park?

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