It’s Wednesday, and after a two week hiatus we return with a new Would You Rather. Today’s question tests your affinity for two of the most popular creamy salad dressings on the market: ranch and blue cheese. Here are your options:

Option #1: You can never eat blue cheese dressing again.

Option #2: You can never eat ranch dressing again.

Yikes. You best be figuring out some alternative wing dipping sauces if you had to give up both of these. Fortunately, in my experience, people are pretty firmly in the blue cheese or ranch camp when it comes to wings, no being wishy-washy there. But what of salads? And dipping veggies? And what of people in California, who, as far as I can tell, get a side of ranch with every meal they order, from a burger to french fries to pancakes. Will be interesting to see how this vote breaks down.

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24 Responses

  1. Lis

    Eww, I hate both. When I had buffalo wings earlier, I specifically asked for no dressing.
    So I guess I’m sitting this one out.

  2. Marit

    yeah.. never had either of those. I guess that’s just a downside of not living in America.

  3. mark

    It’s a no brainer for me, I love blue cheese, as a dressing, as an ingredient, as a snack. I can live without ranch easily

  4. mark

    Oh and as an aside. Ranch with buffalo wings is a crime against humanity. Buffalo wings= blue cheese or nothing. If you want to have your thai chili sauce glazed wings with some other dressing fine, go for it.

  5. Cynthia

    As the comments show, you really should include a “None of the Above” in these. Both are nasty.

  6. Dagrappler

    Bleu Cheese tastes like it’s gone totally rotten. Who would want to ruin perfectly tasty wings with that sour, rotten taste? The polls say RANCH because it’s a much better flavor. And anyone who puts BC on my burger has made themselves a powerful enemy!

  7. harleytexas

    Ranch….the blandest thing ever and never eaten on anything by me.

  8. Lisa

    I find blue cheese vile, so easy answer there. Although I don’t eat much ranch dressing either. I am from California and had no idea the ranch-with-everything (especially fries, ew) thing was thought of as being Californian. I thought people did that everywhere.

  9. Obbop


    Atop greens, salads, etc. and for dipping French fries and sundry edibles.

    However, due to severe restrictions of calorie intake to lose lard I have been forced to omit ranch from my house.


    Limited to lo-cal Italian dressing and only driblets of that.

    Hopes, desires, etc. dashed upon the rocks of despair!!!



  10. skunkbreath

    My screen name is skunkbreath but, I hate blue
    cheese dressing so much that I would really rather have a skunk actually squirt in my mouth than to EVER eat that crap again. No one on this earth will ever get me to try it again.HATE HATE HATE it!!!I want to puke right now thinking about it.YUCK.


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