After a few Thursdays of gastronomically-taxing Eating Styles (hot dogs, pizza, and hamburgers), I figured it was time to refresh and renew with a crunchy, calorie-annihilating vegetable: celery!

The great thing about celery is that it allows you to eat like crap and still feel good about yourself, because, you know, you ate something green with it. Two common examples are eating celery with buffalo wings and eating celery with peanut butter or cream cheese and raisins on top (often fondly referred to as “ants on a log”).

The scary thing about celery is that the calories you burn chewing and digesting it are roughly equal to the calories actually in celery. This makes it a popular food with weight loss fanatics, sorority girls, and Kiera Knightly. One sorority girl I talked to said celery dipped in (equally low-calorie) salsa was a common snack at the ol’ Delta Gamma house.

What type of celery eater are you, So Good readers? Do you, like most Americans, pair the green sticks with something fat-laden like buffalo wings or peanut butter? Or do you see celery’s low calories and high dietary fiber as a good way to get healthy and skinny? Eat it plain? Not at all? Vote on your preferred celery eating method below and explain in the comments.

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4 Responses

  1. Marie

    Let’s be honest…there are far more enjoyable choices out there when it comes to snacks. However, Celery does help the vegetable, chicken noodle and beef soups. It is handy in a stew if you don’t make the hunks too big. And it adds a bit of crunch to a potato or pasta salad.

  2. Geena Stepp

    Celery is a dish best served……
    Diced up in a large pot of chili
    In a tall, strong Bloody Mary

  3. Jenn

    Celery and salsa is actually incredibly addicting. It has that satisfying crunch and you can nosh mindlessly without guilt!
    I’ve actually never heard of having it with cream cheese though. Interesting.


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