Having covered pizza and hot dogs in our last two Eating Styles polls, we complete our round-up of the holy trinity of American junk food this Thursday with…hamburgers!

Let me be clear: an eating styles post about hamburgers does not imply more than one way to eat a hamburger, i.e., it is never acceptable to eat a hamburger with a fork and knife. Click here to see why (the meticulous atrocity unleashes at 2:23). Exceptions are: those with a chronic germ phobia and my freshman year Chinese roommate who never let her hands touch her food, ever.

Now, because the only two utensils you should be using to eat hamburgers are the ones attached to the end of your arms (No Rebecca, the other end. There you go. You can do this.), variation in hamburger eating comes from another source – the toppings.

The relative flavor neutrality of a bun-and-ground-beef-patty formula allows for great taste under a stunning array of topping combinations.  Beyond the standard pickle, ketchup, cheese, onions, mushrooms, bacon, tomato, mayo, lettuce conglomerate, many restaurants offer a certain array of gourmet burgers with more exotic toppings like avacado, salsa, fried egg, barbecue sauce, grilled pineapple, and much more.

What’s the best burger you’ve ever eaten? Choose your favorite option and explain in the comments (especially if you choose “other” – we’re dying to know about all the crazy-delicious concoctions out there!).

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12 Responses

  1. Geena Stepp

    Mayo is a may-jor part of the attaction of the california burger. Also like guacamole and refried beans on a burger….

  2. Sethonious

    I am a big fan of bacon and cheese, but I split between that and just mustard mayo and LOTS of pickles. It depends if I am in a greasy or a tangy mood.

  3. cw

    if you have never had a green chile (new mexican) double-cheeseburger, you have never really eaten a burger!

  4. Sam

    These all sound delicious! cw – Did you see the episode of “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay” where he faced off against the chef whose green chile cheeseburger was ranked 7th in the nation? It’s a good one. Geena – Guacamole and refried beans is an excellent idea! Grandpa – THANK YOU for the shout out to peanut butter. I’ve always been a huge proponent of the idea that peanut butter can be put on anything, and I mean absolutely anything.

  5. Geena

    I really need to know who keeps posting as Geena Stepp!! it is not me, and it is gettting realyl annoying!! well whenever u see geena stepp thats not me, even though thats my name. i will post as geena. Anyway…. bacon and cheese, all the way!!

  6. Rogan

    A burger with ketchup, mustard, pickles,lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon. Mmmm… So Good. 🙂 I just made a really crappy pun :D.


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