Now that Snack Madness is over, it’s back to having new Would You Rather questions every Wednesday. As we all dig out of a post-Easter candy coma, today’s question asks about two of that holiday’s most popular candy choices.

Option #1: You can never eat Cadbury Creme Eggs again

Option #2: You can never eat Marshmallow Peeps again

Granted you may not eat either of these foods very often, but what if you could keep one but NEVER have the other again. Which do you keep?

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6 Responses

  1. nottom

    Creme Eggs are the best mass produced candy available. It’s a shame they are only around for a few months a year.

  2. Rodzilla

    This was actually one of the hardest WYR for me. Ended up keeping the peeps – the sugar crust just does it for me. I’d still do my best to replicate the cadburry cremes.

  3. Lis

    So long as they make caramel-filled easter bunnies, I don’t need creme eggs.
    Peeps all the way.

  4. Arwyn

    If you had said Cadbury Caramel Eggs, I would have had to think about it. But just the creme ones? Those are nasty, as are peeps. Kick both out of my life.


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