Sam’s post from the 7th got me thinking about pizza styles — but not how to eat it — how to cook it. Now I love going out to eat a good hand-tossed pie, but I have also been known to make one to rave reviews. To date, all of my home-cooking has taken place in the oven. But, a few weeks back, I read on Simply Recipes about a way to make a pizza on the grill. Last night I tried it out.

I bought a dough at a local pizza joint, then rolled it out, brushed on some olive oil and threw it on a hot grill (mine got to 400 degrees). A couple minutes on one side, brought it in the house, flipped it, topped it, then back out for a few more minutes with slightly reduced heat. Have more dough? Just repeat – making the dough thinner or thicker for a crispy or chewy crust,  and changing up the toppings as you see fit.

The result? As you can see from the top – two wonderful pies. One white pizza with sweet potato slices (previously baked), onion, lots of cheese and topped with spicy arugula. The other had a great homemade sauce, squash and more onion. Two different tastes, but both awesome, and both so quick and easy to cook.

Anyone else tried pizza this way?

[Please pardon the photo quality at top; I’m no Bitten Word.]

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  1. Sethonious

    YES! That is my favorite way to cook pizza. I love cooking as much as possible on the grill. Have you tried grilling your bacon yet? The flare ups are a nightmare and you can really only manage 6 or so pieces at a time, but the smoke cure + grilling smoke = double smoked awesome… now if only I can keep the eggs on the grill.

  2. Zack

    Grilled pizza is one of the easiest/most ingenious ways for an inexperienced chef like myself to look like a pro to my girlfriend. An old-fashioned Margherita is the route I normally go, but yours sounds/looks even better!


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