Yesterday, the Oreo Facebook page had a fun idea: set the Guinness World Record for most “Likes” on a single Facebook post. With more than 16 million likes on Facebook, and as the third most popular food Facebook page (as of a few months ago), Oreo seemed to have a perfectly good chance at setting the record, assuming of course, its fans are engaged and pay attention to Oreo status updates in their news feed. Oreo even started prepping its fans for this occasion last week, with several status updates asking its fans to participate starting at 9 am on Tuesday morning.  The next morning, the verdict is in: Oreo failed. Big time. Why? Thanks to this guy:

The writing was on the wall pretty quickly for Oreo. As failblog reported around 12:30 pm yesterday, Lil Wayne decided to hop on the bandwagon of setting a Guinness World Record. Although he has 20 million likes on Facebook, that didn’t appear to be the deciding factor. Unlike Oreo fans, his actually seemed down for the cause. Six hours into the challenge, the Oreo post had 61,000 likes. Lil Wayne? Just one hour after his post, he had a stunning 305,000. Meaning in 1/6th the time, he garnered 5 times as many likes as Oreo. I’m no math major but….you get the idea. Domination.

But of course the day wasn’t over at 12:30 pm – perhaps Oreo could muster a comeback? Not even close.  At 1:30 am last night, Oreo stood at 111,000 likes. Lil Wayne? 453,000. The beat down continued. As we awoke this morning to see the final tally (at least for Oreo, Lil Wayne still has about 6 hours to go as of this posting), here is where the race stood:

Just over 114,000 is the final tally for Oreo. For Lil Wayne, 490,000 with another 5-6 hours to go.

In its posts leading up to Tuesday, Oreo set a target of more than 50,000 likes for its Tuesday morning post, which, the brand believed, would set the record for most likes in a 24 hour period. Um, sure, I guess. Just 4 days ago, Lil Wayne simply posted “I like you” from his iPhone, and garnered 75,000 likes. Now granted they weren’t all in the first 24 hours, but Oreo’s previous status update, touting Oreo Valentine’s Day e-cards garnered….wait for it…..wait for it….977 likes.

Ouch. Oreo, you never stood a chance. You got owned. Lil Wayne style.

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