You would think that by this point, nothing online would be surprising to me.  From the Double Rainbow phenomenon to the Three Wolf Moon T, people are keeping it real.  I recently took a look at the most popular food-related Facebook groups, and found some interesting things about our online brethren.

Top Ten Food Related Facebook Groups

1. (9 overall) Starbucks: 13,274,683 people like this
2. (18) Coca-Cola: 11,361,507
3. (25) Oreo: 9,243,317
4. (26) Skittles: 9,061,057
5. (32) Red Bull 8,110,290
6. (78) Pringles 4,751,548
7. (86) Nutella 4,375,479
8. (155) Starburst 4,117,001
9. (160) Ferrero Rocher 3,811,820
10. (190) ICE CREAM! 2,729,955

As you can see from the top 10 above, the greatest concentration is in the candy/sweets department with six.  I can understand Oreo and ice cream, but Skittles?  Seriously?  Didn’t Skittles go out of vogue with Gatorade Gum and Tart-n-Tinys?  Anyway, my next surprise is that Ferrero Rocher, better known as the golden-foil-wrapped hazelnut chocolate ball,  is #9. I would have previously assumed that this was a fringe sweet, but clearly the bon-bon popping lobbyists have spoken.  Finally, is it any mystery that the civilized world has a obesity/diabetes epidemic, when nine of the top ten items are laced with sugar/HFCS?

Please note that the above info should be taken with a grain of salt.  For crying out loud, Vin Diesel is on the list at #6 overall, with Reading at #37, and God at #139, just getting edged out by “Finding Money In Your Pocket.”  Powerful research, indeed.

Anything surprise you from the list?

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14 Responses

  1. Lady Callahan

    Whoa, that doesn’t speak for me. I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I don’t ( except verrrry rarely) eat cookies, candy or ice cream. I will cop to a daily Coke Zero and occasionally some chippy/salty things, but…wow.

  2. Andrew

    The data in this list is tampered with. I know for a fact that Starbucks ran a promotion a few months back that if you “liked” them you received a coupon for a free or discounted drink. I believe Coke-Cola has ran something similar. “Liked” item can be the result of ads, thereby altering the data.

  3. Mike

    I worked in retail where we sold Ferrero Rocher, the second they went on sale, we would sell out. We would also order insane amounts to meet demand, but we would never meet it.

    I feel like it’s a fairly decadent candy for a reasonable price, at least it’s perceived that way. So people tend to think they are getting a taste of the high life when they eat it.

  4. Eick

    @Andrew – don’t think it means it’s “tampered” with, merely a reflection that some companies have invested more than others in growing their Facebook fan base.

  5. LovingVeggie

    It is sad indeed. Yo would think that by now people will have learned from thousands of dietary mistakes, but no. What is the solution in this instance though? It seems people would rather compromise their health than eat nutritious diets.


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