Time for a new Would You Rather! Apologies I didn’t get this up on the usual Wednesday schedule. My internet was a nightmare yesterday. So bad that  I called to get a new internet service provider. Tomorrow between 3 pm and 6 pm I get to welcome Xfinity (aka Comcast) internet to my life. Yay.

On to today’s question. As you can guess from the title, today’s question is about food you would find at a circus or at the ballpark. Specifically, cotton candy and snow cones. Fun! Both of these foods can be a delightful (albeit super sweet) treat when at an event. But these are the types of food that thrive on scarcity. Cotton candy at the circus is wonderful because you have access to it in so few other places. Ditto snow cones.

But what if your reality shifted? What if instead of occasionally stumbling across these treats, you were forced to make them a regular part of your life? What if you had to eat three snow cones every week, week in and week out? Or three bags of cotton candy? How fast would you get sick of them? What would be your strategy? Pacing slowly throughout week or eating all 3 one particular day each week so you have 6 days in-between?

Option #1: You must eat 3 snow cones a week.

Option #2: You must eat 3 bags of cotton candy a week.

Assume standard sizing for each. I don’t want to get overly technical with the sizes. Here is something to consider: the food doesn’t magically appear each week, you MUST obtain it through your own purchasing power. So if there is not cotton candy or snow cones available at a local store in your neighborhood, you may need to shop around and buy things in bulk to ensure you can eat whichever you choose 3 times a week. You could also buy your own cotton candy/snow cone machine if you don’t mind how messy it is.

Share in the comments your logic for picking one or the other and what your eating strategy would be.

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4 Responses

  1. Lis

    I had a snow cone machine when I was little… I’d probably still use it if it never broke, so cones all the way.

  2. Sam

    Come on, people! Have you ever taken a bite of cotton candy? It reduces to nothing on your tongue in two seconds. Three bags over the course of seven days would be like a drop in the bucket.


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