It’s Wednesday! Which means it’s Would You Rather time. Today’s match-up of foods will seem like quite a bizarre combo. But what they both have in common is they are two examples of the maybe 7-8 foods in the world I don’t really care for. In general, I’m not a picky eater at all, like almost everything.

One thing I have known for a long time is I don’t like jelly beans. Every Easter I’d be grossed out by them. Sure, I can eat a couple and not gag, but I really don’t enjoy them – Jelly Belly’s, those are a different story (buttered popcorn or toasted marshmellow anyone?) But regular, traditional jelly beans? Not a fan.

Harder to pin down for my likes/dislikes is smoked cheese. This is something that is constantly fooling me, even as recently as this week. I looooove cheese. It’s probably my favorite food. Now while I’m not crazy about smoke flavoring in general, I certainly have eaten my fair share of good smoked BBQ and enjoyed it and I know I must have had at least tolerable smoked cheese at some point – although I’m sure the strength of flavor was masked by other ingredients. So this week, when I saw some semi-fancy smoked cheddar cheese on sale I thought “yum.”  What I should have thought was “hell no!” Later that night I opened it and some crackers for a late evening snack, only to discover (well, remember) that 9 times out of 10 I find smoked cheese pretty repulsive on its own.

So that brings us to THE DECISION. Basically I’m going to force you to choose between these two foods I don’t like. Oh, and you have to eat a pound a week for the rest of your life. Be sure to read the stipulations after the choices, there are a few for this one!

Option #1:You must eat one pound of smoked cheddar cheese a week.

Option #2:You must eat one pound of jelly beans a week.

Here are the catches:

1. You CANNOT buy/eat the same brand two weeks in a row. So if you find a brand (cheese or jelly beans) that you really like, too bad, the most often you can eat it is every other week.

2.  TRADITIONAL jelly beans only. That means no Jelly Belly’s, no Starburst jelly beans etc.

3. You CANNOT cook, melt or otherwise add the smoked cheddar cheese to a dish. Too easy to mask its flavor and lose it in a dish. You can only eat it cold, either by itself or with crackers. Yep, that’s right, dems the rules and I make them, so deal with it.

Let me know in the comments which you would choose. Also, what’s your eating strategy? A few ounces every day with a certain meal? Eating the full pound one day each week so you have a 6-day respite? Or maybe you really, really love one of these two foods and the thought of having to eat a pound a week is A-Ok with you?

Choose wisely.

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7 Responses

  1. GM

    i actually really love smoked cheese, so this one’s a no-brainer. smoked gouda, smoked mozzarella, smoked goat-cheddar mmmmmm

  2. chris

    Jelly beans, because smoked anything is just filthy. I’d probably just eat a handful per day. Caveat that with this; I don’t like either, just chose the lesser of the two evils

  3. Ben

    Definitely the jelly beans. I’m not too big on sweets, but if I had to eat jelly beans every day, I’d be fine with that. The smoked cheese, not so much. With a pound of smoked cheese to eat every week, I feel like I wouldn’t eat very much cheese other than that, which would be A SHAME.

    Jelly beans for the freedom they allow me in the cheese-realm.

  4. Sam

    Jelly beans, mostly because a pound of ANY cheese every week seems like it would give you serious blockage problems.

  5. Buckingham

    Already go through more than a pound of cheese a week, so have to go with the cheddar, only from Wisco though.

    /Stereotypical Wisconsin resident

  6. Cynthia

    The only cheese I will actually eat by itself IS smoky cheddar, so this was a no brainer for me, though I have to admit, one pound a week might be too much. And regular jelly beans are just WAY too sweet!


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