It’s Wednesday! Which means it’s Would You Rather time. Today’s question is specific to sandwiches, and pits the two stalwart cold cuts against one another. That’s right, it’s turkey vs. ham.

Option #1: Never eat ham on a sandwich again.

Option #2: Never eat turkey on a sandwich again.

Which do you choose and why?

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9 Responses

  1. Bobby Berry

    To me, ham has more flavor and more uses in cooking and eating. While I like turkey, it’s flavor is not in the class of ham.

  2. Kathryn

    I admit it- I’m a turkeyaholic! I have a turkey sandwich every single weekday and I can’t live without it! Ham’s boring and it makes me feel like I’m 2 bites away from a heart attack.

  3. WWB

    I love bacon, but there’s something about straight-up ham that doesn’t always work for me. Meanwhile, I’m sorry my supply of turkey sandwiches has now run out. Do you ever think about buying and roasting a turkey outside of November-December? I do. But I still haven’t done it.

  4. Sam

    According to my Oscar Meyer package, 3 slices of ham = 60 calories and 1 slice of turkey = 70 calories. Besides, ham is saltier and tastes better.

  5. Andrea

    I love turkey, but not so much on a sandwich. I would have to stick with ham for it’s ability to adapt to any kind of cheese in a hot application, and on an egg sandwich. YUMMY

  6. Shannon

    This is too easy for me. I have always loved turkey sandwiches. Ham has always been weird looking. It’s pink. Also, it’s too salty.

  7. Zachary

    Turkey tastes too much like… “bird”
    Go ham. Pigs are better pets anyway.


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