Would You Rather’s continue to roll along as a now-regular Wednesday feature. Today’s question will test the long-term endurance of your stomach and perhaps shed some light on your eating vs. drinking preferences. Let’s do it.

Option #1: You must eat 4 frozen pizzas a week for the rest of your life.

Option #2: All beverages you drink for the rest of your life must originate from a powdered mix.

Additional notes:

Frozen Pizza: You can eat whatever kinds of pizza you want, whatever toppings, whatever brands. But it MUST be frozen. That means if you pick up a pre-made pizza in the store that is refrigerated, that does not count towards your 4 frozen pizza quota.  You are still free to order delivery pizza whenever you’d like, or make your own pizza. Making your own pizza and freezing it doesn’t count, this must be store-bought pizza. That is if you ever feel like eating pizza on top of your non-stop stream of frozen pizza.  You can stretch those 4 frozen pizzas throughout the week however you’d like, or try and eat all 4 in one sitting, it’s up to you.  Oh, and we are talking full/normal size frozen pizzas here, no single serving cheating.

Powdered Drink Mixes: For the drinks, alcohol is excluded, meaning you can still drink beer, wine, booze etc. However, any other beverage besides water that enters your mouth must originate from a POWDERED drink mix. So if you want a mixer with your booze, it better be water or something from a powdered mix. If you want milk on your cereal, mix up some powdered milk. Soda fountains? No more for you. Bottled drinks, juice, even frozen orange juice from concentrate is no longer a part of your life.  But if it comes in a powdered form, you can drink away to your hearts content.

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7 Responses

  1. IAAL

    You don’t specify, other than mentioning “brand” in passing, that it has to be a commercial frozen pizza. Is the requirement satisfied by a pizza I make myself, and then freeze?

  2. Eick

    @IAAL – a great question. My ruling on this one is going to be “no” you cannot make your own pizza then freeze it. Even though you’d still be eating a ton of pizza by doing so, I feel like that presents a slightly more desirable scenario – part of the difficult decision should be having to juggle the health/cost/taste effects of having to buy 4 frozen pizzas a week.

  3. danielle

    this was an easy question for me, as i have a strange affinity for frozen pizza. i even prefer it over fresh sometimes…. i know, i have bizarre taste.

  4. Peter

    I think frozen pizza is the worst food ever, mostly because the sauce is NEVER good. But the thought of never drinking soda or juice again was just terrible. I do like Kool-Aid, but I couldn’t drink only that forever. So I went with the frozen pizzas.

  5. nottom

    There are some pretty good frozen pizzas available these days (Palermo’s Spicy Pepperoni is amazing) , so this is a pretty easy choice. This would have been a much tougher comparison back when I was a kid (of course I loved frozen pizzas as a kid and probably ate close to 4/week anyway)

  6. Sam

    Even though there are some tolerable frozen pizza brands out there, four entire pizzas every week is just way to much food for me to consume! Plus, I drink Crystal Light drink mixes by the gallon anyway.

  7. Marilyn

    At least you can now find decent–even organic ingredients in some frozen pizzas: brands like Amy’s or Newman’s Own or American Flatbread. But limiting beverages to powdered drink mixes would eliminate way too many great options.


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