A few weeks ago So Good wrote about the introduction of marijuana ice cream in California. Continuing the trend of marijuana laced foods and beverages, a Colorado company has introduced a line of 8 different soda flavors called “Dixie Elixirs” with added marijuana/THC.

According to its website the sodas are available in:

  • 12-ounce recyclable bottles in seven refreshing flavors: lemonade, sweet tea, pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, grape and root beer
  • Also available in extra-strength 1-ounce watermelon and spearmint “dew drop” bottles

They list an 800-number and an e-mail for you to place orders – but not so fast kiddos, you have to have a valid medical marijuana prescription in order to buy some.

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  1. FuckThaPolice

    This is genius! You get to cure your kottonmouth while you get more stoned at the same time.. C:

  2. Benjamin John

    I am a 59-year-old man who takes handfuls of legal narcotics daily to fight the pain of more than a half dozen back surgeries. I’m told I risk death if I OD. I am told your product is effective, but the ultimate risk is going to sleep. I have not used recreational drugs in 30-plus years. I don’t even drink. As much as I dislike the narcs, I’d be willing to try anything legally prescribed by a physician to replace them. I look at your product and say: There it is! But I live in Kentucky and will lose my pain doctor and even run the risk of going to jail if I test positive. What am I missing here? Is there any movement toward federal legalization? I have plenty of friends in the city of Denver but want to do this legally. I’m not anti-cop and don’t feel one way or the other about legalizing street drugs. Is there an answer for this?

  3. Gayle

    Hi, were from a dispensary called Club Medz in Michigan and we were curious on how you make your Ice Cream and Soda drinks?


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